12 July 2010

queen N

this little tiny girl rules the roost:
on any given day,
this is what we do at granma's house.
nora grayce thinks she is the queen.
& maybe she is....
she knows where the yummy treats are in the pantry.
in fact, its the first place she runs to when we arrive.
& she knows just where the treats go when she has suckered
granma, or granpa, or auntie mogen, or uncle sam {& on occasion myself}
into giving her what she wants.
her treats go right to her table.

she always ends up at the piano & in the backyard,
occasionally in the laundry room,
up & down the stairs,
in & out of the pantry,
& most often found digging through her toys
looking for mr. & mrs. 'taetoe' head.

{pounding on the piano}

{helping granma do laundry}

{running outside... pretty sure its her favorite thing to do}

my mom started a joke with mr. & mrs. potato head,
by putting them as her profile picture on facebook.
so we came up with the brilliant idea to take photos of them doing
the things that my parents can be found doing...
my dad tending his garden
{which he prides himself in, especially the corn & the lettuce}
& my mom admiring her gerber daises.

thumbs up for another monday!
here, there, & most everywhere.


Poulsen Family said...

Look at those cute piggie tails!

Erica Hanks said...

katie...how do you get your pictures to load so nice and big on blogspot? Will you share your secret? Thanks girl! :)

Unknown said...

hunee...your posts amaze me. thank you for doing them. love u

kristina said...

Im dying over those tiny pig tails and pink bows!!

McKayla said...

oh my gosh. are you a photographer? your photos are aweosme!

McKayla said...

oh my gosh. are you a photographer? your photos are aweosme!