20 June 2008

2 crazy girls

i was going through some photos today...usually i find myself doing this when i am bored at work....anyway, paul took a bunch of photos of the girls one afternoon down at berg park and i was lucky enough to be in farmington to hang out with everyone. the expressions on their faces are perfect... i love that they both have such different personalities :)

17 June 2008

a forever family

this past sunday, father's day, i had the opportunity to take some pics of a family down at balboa park. it was a beautiful day and a beautiful place to capture a few family photos. i was a bit nervous about this "photo shoot" because i have never done anything like it before, but it turned out that meeting this family and being a part of their world for a couple hours one afternoon was a huge blessing for me. this was my favorite shot of the day... :)

13 June 2008

grand canyon...havasu...a few eddys and a foutz

we took a little family vaction to the grand canyon and then down on in to havasupi falls. it was a great first hike for the fam....we had such a great time together. :) it was beautiful down there! the falls were amazing...there are three water falls close to the camp grounds...
navajo...havasu...and moony...
the camp next to us was full of a bunch of boy scouts...one of the boys dropped off this little snake for us...i wasn't too happy to see him but eventually i warmed up to him enough to get a pic with him. :)