25 June 2009

Amazingly Inspiring Video

A FATHER INDEED (click to view)

I saw this, this morning and was needless to say touched by it. Makes me want to be a garbage man.

21 June 2009


An Oldie but a Goodie (in reference to the photo): this father's day has been noting short of monumental for paul & i. our little nora grayce has inspired us to grow up, mature, & love in ways only parents understand & for that i am beyond grateful. i wanted to make it a special day for paul because i think he is an incredible father and husband. so i hooked him up with a few different gifts that i thought were suitable for the occasion (ipod-hat-flip flops-grill cook books) & it being his first official father's day he deserved it.

you are truly amazing hunee.
thanks for being so wonderful to our nora grayce.
we both believe you hung the moon.

17 June 2009


YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY my hubby grills one delicious dinner: paul always cooks dinner (yes, its true, i have cooked once since we've been married... & he didn't even eat it) lucky for me because he is totally boss when it comes to yummy food. now that nora is getting a little bigger (tear) she really enjoys being a part of all the stuff going on. paul puts her in the baby bjorn & grills up a masterpiece. 

p.s. this salmon was a-MAZ-ing!

15 June 2009


i think this girl ADORES her daddy: i love this shot of these two smiling. they had just gotten out of grams pool for nora's first swim. she really liked the water (no surprise) but, the crazy new mexico weather rolled in a thunder & lightening storm just as my two babes dipped in (dang it).

paul has a way with nora. i love to sit back & watch these two interact. i especially love the way they look at each other. there is something about her father's love that makes my baby girl radiate with beauty.

i adore my paul.

09 June 2009

Ya. That's puke.

Paul can't help himself...throwing little Miss G around like a little monkey.  He definitely had this coming.  A few more centimeters and he'd be tasting remnants of mothers milk.  LOL

04 June 2009


yesterday was Nora's 4 month well check (2 shots (bandaged with love) and one oral vaccination) my awesome husband made sure that he could make the appt. with us (he has never missed a doctors appointment with me all during my pregnancy & since nora's arrival) which i love, he is my hero.

Nora weighed in at: 13 pounds 13 ounces (60%)
        her length at: 24 inches (50%)
& her noggin circumference at: 16 inches (40%)
& according to baby statistics Nora is "average" (& according to me that is PERFECT!)

i love being a mother, especially to this girl. she is teaching me the value of sleep. i still cant seem to get her to sleep through the night yet (currently trying to babywise her) but she is sleeping in her room in her crib (finally). when i rock her at night, it takes both arms. she wakes up with a smile every morning (even if the night was CRAZY). she still takes 3 naps during the day. she still loves the tub. she still prefers to stand up rather than sit. she still has to check everything out around her. & she still has paul and i wrapped around her finger.

these photos attest to how chubby she is getting & that all she wears around our home is a onesie.