28 July 2009

Fotki Experiment

Greetings. So i set up an account at www.fotki.com/babykarats where i'm posting albums of shoots i'm doing. i posted this image from a url i got from this site. anyway the site is super cool and images are way cheap to purchase. i dig it. ciao

26 July 2009

1 year

i'm the L & the V, your the O & the E: today is mine & paul's first anniversary. we were able to celebrate by going to dinner at kennebec cafe in hesperus (without the munchkin) yesterday evening. it was beautiful. we ate our delicious dinner on their back patio. the weather was perfect, the mountains were peaceful, & i had one hott husband to enjoy. it was funny to reminisce on our first year of marriage together, we both share a lot of the same memorable moments. paul surprised me with an "expensive trinket" (at least that is how he described it) & it made the night special for me. 

i dont know how i got so lucky to nab mr. mcphee. he is such an amazing husband and father. he is a great provider, awesome on the grill, & so dang handsome. i LOVE my man & i LOVE that we will get to spend eternity together.

we only brought the powershot camera so the photos arent as great as i would like them to be... & the camera died before my big surprise.


18 July 2009

Smokin Hot Babe and Baby G Smiles

I don't know how i got so dang lucky to share life with these 2 special females but I try my darndest not to take it for granted. We seem to be settling in with life as parents. Identifying our roles. It's a good thing KT is so forgiving otherwise I'd be up a Harold Crick. Anyway love these girlz soooo much.

15 July 2009

leepin lizards!

my girl is beautiful: & full of energy! she loves to jump... in her jumper or in our laps. she squeals & laughs. smiles all the time. & is getting so big. we have started feeding her baby food (sweet peas & sweet potatoes) & she loves it. & i love her!

p.s. she has also started sucking her big toe (still sucking her thumb, the left one).


Gerbera Daisies & Polka Dot Shoes: these cute shoes belonged to my aunt sam & the beautiful daisies were some of her favorites ( as well a favorite of my mom's) which is probably why these flowers are some of my favorites too.

Long before we're ready, we sadly say goodbye. But there are those in a far more beautiful place who are saying, "welcome home."
i photographed these particular shoes and flowers for my family, who will never forget how wonderful samantha was.

13 July 2009

my love

i love my guy: & i love these photos! since paul & i have been married, we haven't had photos taken of the two of us. my so very talented (& BEAUTIFUL) sister-in-law took these of us while she was here. nora was sleeping so she missed out... but i am so excited to have these of me & paul. 

p.s. THANK YOU THANK YOU kristina!

08 July 2009

Niece Shoot...these girls are the coolest

It was so cool to have all the McPherson siblings in town over the 4th. And yet again, we neglected to get a photo of all 4 of us. What the crap! Any chance i get to photograph these beautiful girls i take it. They're the best. We love you.

06 July 2009

Caught With Ur Pants Down

Cardon Family Reunion

Nothing but fond memories about this years Cardon Family Reunion. As we reflect upon the glorious tour of the many Farmington NM parks, and the swimming pools full of soda. The laughs. The cries. The whirl wind of chaotic scurrying children unaware of what they are trying to find yet eagerly trying to find it. The cameo appearance from Adam C and the spectacular performance from the Doug and Jan clan. The scrumptious new grilled chicken from KFC. The fire hot calorie burning talent show. Being graced by the presence of our Queen B - Granny...a tribute to her 90 years of influence on all our lives.

I never got a chance to thank certain people that played such a huge role in everything. I did want to make special notice to Pam and Diane. I would've never produced a video if it wasn't for Pam's prodding. And Diane really took on the role of producer with it all. Of course all of Granny's children make these events possible. I was so grateful to be able to do something with film and Sammy's and Todd's music. It was an amazingly inspiring experience for me. Sorry for those who are not in the photos....I wasn't able to take nearly as many as I wanted. I love you all. Thank you for everyone that contributed to such a great event. Let's do it again. But I say this time...back in the BYU dorms....old school.