22 June 2010

a tuesday in june

think left & think right & think low & think high {dr. seuss}:
this week is going to be wonderful.
i can feel it in my bones.
we have been so busy with summer activities
i love it.
{i wrote this post yesterday... with the intention of posting it... but, here it is today. on this lovely tuesday}
i took these photos of nora last monday
{our cleaning day},
neither one of us got out of our jammies until the late afternoon
{just the way it should be on cleaning day}.
i also never comb out her "rats nest" in the back, unless we go make an appearance in the public.
cutest GIRL ever!
oh, the things you can think up if only you try!

11 June 2010

desert flower

my little tiny is one of the most beautiful miracles in life,
one of the greatest joys i have ever known:

mr. mcphee & my little tiny
are a tad more adventurous than myself.
they are one in the same.
nora is a mini-paul-me, if you will.
which is something that i absolutely
about my girl.
on this particular afternoon,
paul & nora went adventuring,
while i focused on last minute preparations for
a bridal shower i threw the next day.

i think they would have been gone for hours
if i wouldn't have gone looking for them.
they both have a love for the desert.
{or maybe its the infatuation my little tiny has for rocks & dirt that keeps her occupied.}

have i ever mentioned how much i love my husband?

well i do. love him.
i love him so much.

he is a miracle in my life.
one of my greatest blessings.
& most definitely sunshine, laughter, & happiness in my world

& one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in my world today.

08 June 2010

first publication

if you receive the daily times;
please open to page A4:

mr. mcphee spent his saturday in monument valley,
shooting a native wedding in a hogan.
it was also one hundred degrees out.
upon returning & entering into
shiprock new mexico
{which is a "fantastic" place, by the way...}
he saw billows of black smoke coming from a building.
the road was blocked,
so being the investigator/reporter he is...
he got right in on the action.
photographing firefighters, flames, & spectators.
he even interviewed a few people on film.

in today's
Farmington Daily Times
{tuesday 6/8/2010}
on page A4
mr. mcphee debuted
his first publication.

congatulations my love.
i am so happy to see your work in the local paper.

& enjoy the photos provided by SHUTTERFREEK PHOTOGRAPHY.

post script:
please don't mind articles surrounding the photos.

07 June 2010


how did it get so late so soon?
its night before its afternoon. {dr. seuss}:

i've been on some what of a blogging hiatus,
mostly because
my first trimester was heinous
but luckily
i am officially in the second trimester
& am feeling much better.

we have been super busy in these begining summer months.
we have been enjoying the pool,
playing in the backyard,
eating yummy summer fruits,
planned a bridal shower,
went to super sunny AZ for a weekend getaway,
cleaning up after my sixteen month old... all the time.

time is flying.
life is great.
love is wonderful.
everything is bliss.

my goodness how the time has flewn.
how did it get so late so soon?