08 June 2010

first publication

if you receive the daily times;
please open to page A4:

mr. mcphee spent his saturday in monument valley,
shooting a native wedding in a hogan.
it was also one hundred degrees out.
upon returning & entering into
shiprock new mexico
{which is a "fantastic" place, by the way...}
he saw billows of black smoke coming from a building.
the road was blocked,
so being the investigator/reporter he is...
he got right in on the action.
photographing firefighters, flames, & spectators.
he even interviewed a few people on film.

in today's
Farmington Daily Times
{tuesday 6/8/2010}
on page A4
mr. mcphee debuted
his first publication.

congatulations my love.
i am so happy to see your work in the local paper.

& enjoy the photos provided by SHUTTERFREEK PHOTOGRAPHY.

post script:
please don't mind articles surrounding the photos.


Jessie said...

Awesome job Paul! I saw his video on FB and I was so impressed with his interviewing skills!

Also, I didn't even notice the other articles until you mentioned it in your post script.....then I had a good laugh when I went back and looked.

Markelle said...

I can totally see Paul taking action and capturing that on camera...aside from the store burning down, how cool is this, for you guys at least:)

Jenny said...

That is AWESOME!!!! Congrats :)

Leah Finch said...

YAY!!!! Brother!
You are sooo talented!!!

kristina said...

awesome Paul! congrats!