18 May 2010

mallows please

i only eat cereal that turns the milk a color:

nora usually hangs out on the couch
drinking her morning bottle
{yeah, i know its about time to kibosh the "baba"}
& watching a show,
all the while i am in the bathroom
throwing up {t.m.i.}.

today i must have been taking too long,
because when i emerged from my morning routine
i found this...

{taken with my cell phone}

yes the entire bag of marshmallow mateys on my kitchen floor.
lucky for me, i didn't sweep & mop yesterday.
so i just laughed.
& ate a couple mallows before we vacuumed up the mess.

or makes me feel like a kid again.

17 May 2010

water fun

these giggles & smiles & loves:
my little tiny has always loved
being outside.
she would stay in the great outdoors
all day & night
if we would let her.

she loves rocks & dirt.
she eats rocks & dirt.
tries to pull the flowers out of the pots.
runs around talking jibber jabber.
& she loves the water.

my baby is getting so big.
i am loving every second i have with her.
she warms my heart.
she has me laughing all the time.

i really don't want her to grow up so fast.
i wish i could slow the hands of time.
i want her to be this small for a while longer.

could last me a lifetime.

16 May 2010

Chinto Been

leopard gecko:

yeah, this little sicko lives with us.
the only reason i agreed to take him in
was because he was being neglected in his former home.
i guess he is a "rescue".

he is definetly not my favorite
& i rather look at him in his tank
than in my husbands hands
or close to my little tiny.

but i guess chinto does have a space in my heart,
a small space.

chinto the leopard gecko.


adolescence isn't just about prom or wearing sparkly dresses:
my little sister went to two proms this year.
farmington high school & piedra vista.
two stressful proms, for me that is.
morgan asked me to do her hair for both events.
i watched youtube videos on "how to do an updo"
hours & hours of youtube videos.
i dreamt in youtube videos.

well, it paid off cause morgan's hair was awesome {both nights}.
my mom made both her dresses.
i also did two of morgan's best friend's hair for PV's prom.
it was an ALL day event.
& i have to admit, they looked pretty awesome too.

morgan was also crowned junior prom royalty at farmington high schools prom.

while i was doing her hair for the 1st prom, she informed my mom & i
that she had a dream the night before that she was wearing her dress & she wouldn't take it off.
just like when she was little & would play dress up.

i think her junior prom was perfect.

p.s. all photos courtesy of shutterfreek.
its about your hott date too.

07 May 2010


thank you easter bunny:
we dyed eggs with shelly & gavin on saturday.
my little tiny was more interested in climbing
all over the red brick fire place
terrorizing hunter & chief {shelly's dogs}.

i loved our eggs.
they turned out pretty.
nothing too fancy,
unlike martha stewart.
someday i will be able to create just like her.
for now i browse & study her magazines {wink wink}.

Easter sunday we went to the park.
it was beautiful outside.
my little tiny loves to be outside.
she loves to be free.

i love watching her run wild.
she is most precious to me.

i feel an overwhelming gratitude for my Heavenly Father & His son Jesus Christ, especially around Easter.
i know that my Redeemer lives.
He lives, He lives, who once was dead.
He lives, my ever-living Head.
He lives to bless me with His love.
He lives to plead for me above.
He lives my hungry soul to feed.
He lives to bless in time of need.

my testimony of the risen Lord is my greatest treasure.

05 May 2010


"i view my role now as more divine"{stephanie nielson}:

{photo borrowed from NieNie's blog}

i follow stephanie nielson's blog,
along with thousands of others.

she is one of my inspirations.
i admire her devotion to being a mother,
her unfailing testimony of the church,
the love she has for her husband,
her children,
& her Savior.
Our Savior.

watch her story here.

"to me beauty & motherhood are one,
they are the same thing".