17 May 2010

water fun

these giggles & smiles & loves:
my little tiny has always loved
being outside.
she would stay in the great outdoors
all day & night
if we would let her.

she loves rocks & dirt.
she eats rocks & dirt.
tries to pull the flowers out of the pots.
runs around talking jibber jabber.
& she loves the water.

my baby is getting so big.
i am loving every second i have with her.
she warms my heart.
she has me laughing all the time.

i really don't want her to grow up so fast.
i wish i could slow the hands of time.
i want her to be this small for a while longer.

could last me a lifetime.


Jenny said...

Nora & Kash would get along GREAT!!! All he wants to do is...."PAY PAY PAY MOMMY" {play} He drags me to the door a hundred times a day. Even if we have just come in from hours of being outside. I LOVE this age also,its so much fun :)

Markelle said...

I can't believe how long her hair is getting, I just love her! and those hose pictures are fantastic.

Unknown said...

choked up....luf u!

MBlairsLars said...

How fun for your little lemur!!! I love your little one, not sure about Chinto....don't tell Cory!

Heather said...

Yes - you blink and they are grown - sucks how that happens!
I love the water hose shots - so cool!

Michelle Blair said...

So cute. She'll have lots of fun this summer! Glad you are back!

Jessie said...

You give a kid a hose and they will be happy for forever!!

Bring her back over to eat rocks and play in the water in my backyard! (and to plug up the bubbling rock)


kristina said...

she is sOOOO adorable! I cant get enough, and I cant wait to squeeze her!