05 May 2010


"i view my role now as more divine"{stephanie nielson}:

{photo borrowed from NieNie's blog}

i follow stephanie nielson's blog,
along with thousands of others.

she is one of my inspirations.
i admire her devotion to being a mother,
her unfailing testimony of the church,
the love she has for her husband,
her children,
& her Savior.
Our Savior.

watch her story here.

"to me beauty & motherhood are one,
they are the same thing".


Heather said...

Could not agree more - I added that video yesterday to my blog as it is amazing to see her strength through everything she has had to go through!

Markelle said...

she is pretty amazing...has a lot to offer to not only her family but total strangers.

larainydays said...

I look forward to reading Nie's blog every week day. She has taught me a lot.

I'm glad you found Larainy Days. I hope you'll come back!