24 February 2010

sewing club

seamstress... um... yes that would most definitely not be me:

sometimes i like to make believe that i am talented & creative in the craftiness area,
but sadly i am not.
i guess when it comes to "making" things, well its never been my area of expertise.
{not even sure that i have one area that i would consider myself the title of "expert"}

however i have a wonderful friend.
she pities me {laughing out loud}
find her here.
she inspired me to make some pillows for my big, brown, & boring couch.
i love my pillows... my pillows for my couch. my couch pillows.
love em'.

thank you wonderful friend.
can't wait for our next sewing club.

disclaimer: i have since made 3 more pillows.
i am taking a sewing class on tuesdays, entitled "i can't believe i'm sewing"
{laughing out loud}.
& i have a list of creative craftiness that i am going to accomplish
{& they will be so cute}.

i am a seamstress in the making.

22 February 2010


another snow day in the land of enchantment:

i love snow days.
i like the way the sky looks {especially at night when were about to be blanketed in pure white}.
there is something magical about snow.
makes me feel like a kid again.
i wanted to bundle nora up & go outside,
but she's got a runny nose {REALLY SUPER RUNNY NOSE}

{microwave hill from my back window}

{a few magical inches}

{my little tiny trying to escape in jammies}

maybe i like snow days because, here in farmington, the snow doesn't stick around for too long.
most snow days result in a beautiful sunny blue sky.
just like today.
on this snow day in the mcphee home
it smells of freshly swept & pinesol mopped floors,
warm clean laundry
& a little lavender lathered babe.

another day in the life of three mcphees.

post script: this weekend was full of all things wonderful. like a visit from papaw mark, sewing club at a good friend's home, yummy red lobster, & berg park. details {& photos} to come.

19 February 2010

early riser

early to bed,
early to rise:

in the mornings,
we mcphees look something like this.

{taken with my cell phone}

i consider our mcphee mornings a favorite comfy cuddling time,
only if
i catch ten to fifteen more minutes of beauty rest {winks}.
the end result is my little tiny
endowing off the bed,
running around getting into everything she can,
while mr. mcphee & i lay
& ponder the new day's events.

it never takes long before mr. mcphee
climbs out &
rids nora of her pee bomb {if you will}.
in the meantime i make our bed.
{i only make our bed, to keep myself from getting back in}.
soon enough we 3 mcphees make it downstairs to enjoy breakfast & our trusty signing time dvds.

makes my little tiny healthy, wealthy, & wise.

post script note:
morning time is the ONLY time nora is allowed in our bed.

16 February 2010


my funny valentine
sweet comic valentine
you make me smile with my heart... {frank sinatra} :

little beauty of mine right before church on sunday.
which so happened to be valentine's day.

{happy valentines day... for you}

{me & my beautiful girl.}

{she's outta here folks}

we had a wonderful valentine's day in our mcphee home.
mr. mcphee made me
a hilarious but thoughtful dvd.
entitled, the perfect card.
you can find it by clicking {here}
indeed the card was perfect & so was my valentine's day.
i love my man behind the camera.
he is so very talented.

i'm the luckiest girl in the world.
two perfect valentines.

your looks are laughable
yet your my favorite work of art.

15 February 2010

on the radiowaves

dear aunt sam,
you have been on my mind. constantly.
tonight paul, nora, & i went to granny's.
i saw your picture in the spare bedroom, the one that gets really cold & has the old toy box with toys that are equally as ancient as granny. the one that you & i used to sleep in when you came to visit & made me stay at granny's with you.
i looked at your picture.
i looked at your hands, the ring on your ring finger, your hair, your makeup. i looked at you.
sometimes when paul prays at night,
he asks Heavenly Father
to send angels
to watch over nora as she sleeps.
i like to believe that
Heavenly Father
sends you.
i long for your phone calls.
i am forgetting your voice.
i think about your pirate mouth, your huge 60 ounce drinks,
your candy dish & candy stashed in various places, your dvd collection,
your nasty basset hound,
your apartment in provo, when you moved to the new house,
your shoe collection,
your perfume, makeup, & hair product collection, your closets packed with clothes.
lots of you... as of late thats what i think about.
so while you wait on the other side of the veil,
i hope you know
i am
thinking of you.
love, kk

14 February 2010

mi amour

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one i see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can...:
ol nat king cole knew what he was talkin' about.

happy valentine's day
i love you hunee.

love is...
stinky toots & morning breath,
sharing a bathroom,
watching ridiculous t.v. shows together,
doing laundry & dishes,
getting smoothie kings,
big muscles & blue eyes,
going grocery shopping together,
helping clean when the house is dirty,
dancing in the kitchen,
taking mid afternoon naps together,
road trips & singing at the top of our lungs,
home made dvd's,
orchid flowers,
love notes in the perfect card,
holding hands,
long embraces,

love has made my life wonderful.
love has made me a better wife, mother, sister & daughter {i think}.
love has made me more compassionate.
love is making me kind {i think}.
love has made me whole.

love is all that i can give to you
love is more than just a game for two
two in love can make it
take my heart but please don't break it
love was made for me & you.

13 February 2010

little tiny

all things sweet:
oh how i love this little tiny
she is too cute for my words.

but this one is the sweetest.

11 February 2010

a birthday to remember

three hundred sixty five days of love:
{PHOTO OVERLOAD too many cute photos to choose from}
my little tiny's first birthday party was
all of our families came to celebrate with us,
& that made it even better.
my mom & i went all out {yes, this part-a was more for me than miss G},
& it was worth it.
everything was pink.
each detail of her party is captured in these priceless photos done by shutterfreek {thank you hunee}
first: the decorations {all my hard work}.
{the birthday crown, i made, that she would NOT wear}
second: the yummy & delightful cake.
{CAKE by melody ellis must click here}
third: little tiny's smash cake.
{also by melody ellis}
fourth: celebration time.
fifth: singing happy birthday to miss G.
my little tiny was a little confused when everyone started to sing happy birthday
& was even more confused when the lit candle was in front of her.
her little chubby fingers were ready to pinch out the flame.
happy birthday nora grayce.
sixth: eating cake.
at first nora was cautiously eating the frosting with her little fingers.
& then she got down to business.
she devoured that cupcake,
& surely loved every bite.
this photo is priceless.
my little tiny couldn't be happier eating cupcakes & being entertained by chloe.
nora is the light of our lives.
i love her giggles,
her smiles,
her bright eyes,
i love everything about her.
these last 365 days {add a few} have been some of the most amazing of my life.
my little tiny is a toddler.
three hundred sixty five MORE days of love to come.

10 February 2010


it must feel like christmas eve:
tomorrow is the day.
my little tiny had a birthday party.
but LOST is more important tonight...

& posting must wait.

09 February 2010


eternity: infinite time; duration without beginning or end.
the truths or realities of life & thought that are regarded as timeless or eternal:

january thirtieth will forever be engraved in my mind as one of the happiest days of my life.

even though
the weather was chilly {freezing wind factor!},
my hair was not as i had imagined it to be,
my makeup looked dull {plus i need a tan},
mr. mcphee, miss g, & i didn't really match,
january thirtieth is still one of the happiest days of my life.

{*mr. mcphee's photo of the Draper Temple}

our sealing was amazing.
much about this day has already been recorded in my journal {including all the details of my heart},
much of what i experienced on january thirtieth is far too personal {& spiritual} to share on my blog,
much of this day was shared with my dearest family & friends,
my wonderful husband & beautiful daughter,
much of this day is me being forever in love with my eternal hunee.

these were the yummy cupcakes that were served along side some traditional {& very authentic} mexican food at my lunch in. it was delicious.

thank you to everyone who contributed to my january thirtieth.

we mcphees are an eternal family.

{information about LDS temples click here
& about being sealed for eternity click here}

*photos by: Kristina McPherson