09 February 2010


eternity: infinite time; duration without beginning or end.
the truths or realities of life & thought that are regarded as timeless or eternal:

january thirtieth will forever be engraved in my mind as one of the happiest days of my life.

even though
the weather was chilly {freezing wind factor!},
my hair was not as i had imagined it to be,
my makeup looked dull {plus i need a tan},
mr. mcphee, miss g, & i didn't really match,
january thirtieth is still one of the happiest days of my life.

{*mr. mcphee's photo of the Draper Temple}

our sealing was amazing.
much about this day has already been recorded in my journal {including all the details of my heart},
much of what i experienced on january thirtieth is far too personal {& spiritual} to share on my blog,
much of this day was shared with my dearest family & friends,
my wonderful husband & beautiful daughter,
much of this day is me being forever in love with my eternal hunee.

these were the yummy cupcakes that were served along side some traditional {& very authentic} mexican food at my lunch in. it was delicious.

thank you to everyone who contributed to my january thirtieth.

we mcphees are an eternal family.

{information about LDS temples click here
& about being sealed for eternity click here}

*photos by: Kristina McPherson


Unknown said...

I luf u hunee!

Poulsen Family said...

The picture of your three hands is my personal favorite.

Ahh, those cupcakes were yummy!

Holly said...

Congratulations on your family's special day!

MBlairsLars said...

What a beautiful family! You guys could be on the cover of a magazine. Thank you for letting me come and witness such a monumental occasion...it was truly touching. Love you!!!

Meshan said...

Congrats to your family! Your blog is a work of art, both with the amazing photography and your way with words. Kudos.

Unknown said...

When you were born our lives were changed forever....we never knew how much we could love a little human being. And now... we have Nora and our lives have been changed AGAIN forever. Who knew how much forever could change? A glimpse of eternity and eternal families. Thanks to you and Paul and little Nora for being part of ours! Love to You All!

Shawna Kent said...

Katie your family is beautiful!! i am truly proud of the journey you have made with them! i miss you! love you lots!

Its a Small World said...

ahh Katie!!! Love the pics I wish so much that I could have been with you!!! Love you much

Jessie said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! And your look gorgeous as always!!

About all I contributed to January 13th was a freakin Pack n' Play. I suck. But I do love you guys and was there in spirit! How's that?

Unknown said...

WOW im super jealous i wasnt there. i love you so so so much, you all look so beautiful. i miss you KK i miss nora and paul so much too. IM so proud of you guys. email me soon.

Unknown said...

WOW im super jealous i wasnt there. i love you so so so much, you all look so beautiful. i miss you KK i miss nora and paul so much too. IM so proud of you guys. email me soon.

Erica Hanks said...

Yay for Eternity! Love ya!

Markelle said...

Sooo happy I was there. I love you more than you know!

Pictures turned out great, and I freakin want to eat one of those cupcakes through my computer screen.

Michelle said...


The last 2 photos are my favorite. You have such a beautiful family and now its your forever!! Congrats!!!

The Hillan Family said...

This is my favorite post ever! It makes me so happy to see you and your cute little family bounded forever! Nora is SO CUTE! I wish I could see her more often! And you guys too!

Michelle Blair said...

You guys were beautiful(on the inside and out) It is wonderful to know you are an eternal family. We love you guys lots!

Cardon Family said...

AMAZING! I am so happy for you guys! The day looked perfect! And little Nora is growing up way to fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you look gorgy!!! Your hair is SO long - and look at Miss G, with her blondies growing in :) The three of you look wonderful, I love these pics and I'm so happy for you!

p.s. I think the cupcake tower is the coolest thing!!