19 November 2009

ruba {dub dub}

a little tiny soaking in the tub: every night my little tiny looks something like this in the tub {she & i share a passion for this time of the evening}. she is loving to splash, playing with the faucet when the water is running, munching on a few tub time toys, & drinking the tub water from the dunking bucket {yes, my little tiny is kindof yucky, but i love her none.the.less}. she is perfect.

i am behind on posting {there are a few updates in the making, so check back soon} because i have been so busy chasing my baby around the house. she is walking all over now {not quite a skilled walker yet} & is constantly running into things. she is also climbing everything {& has a new bump or bruise or scratch everyday}. life is perfect.

a little tiny nice & shiny.

also shutterfreek {website has contact information} has sessions available for holiday family portraits. check back for more details!

13 November 2009

10th picture

this baby is my life: i was tagged by my aunt shelly to pull up the 10th photo from my first photo album. this photo brings me back 9 months ago, to one of the most wonderful days of my life. paul got this shot {and many others, that i wont ever share on my blog} seconds after she was born. i am so grateful that the love of my life was right by my side {with camera in hand, of course}.
she was so small,
so swollen,
so loud,
so perfect,
so loved
& my life is {most of the time} perfect.

11 November 2009

goodnight moon

today is gone. today was fun.
tomorrow is another one.
every day,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere {dr. seuss}:
my sweet baby loves to munch on books. {especially goodnight moon} she equally loves to be read to. most days the two of us can be found on our family room floor reading or flipping through a book. some of our favorites are "goodnight moon", "the very hungry caterpillar", "brown bear brown bear", baby touch & feel "animals. wild animals. & farm.", "the rainbow fish", & a few dr. seuss classics. its sometimes funny to find her with little bits of colored paper adoring her adorable face, right after a book snack.

the more that you
the more things you will
the more that you
the more places you'll

06 November 2009

nine months

she is my little tiny: nora is 9 months {3 days ago}.
she is everywhere & i mean everywhere. she is getting into everything & i mean everything. & i love it.
she loves to eat, especially loves to eat whatever paul & i are eating. she has 4 teeth on top & 2 on bottom {6 teeth total}. she has been pulling herself up on the couch, the kitchen cabinets, the entertainment center {also climbing the entertainment center}, the table, my legs, the door frames, & anything else she gets her hands on, she is standing {for the last month}. she is figuring out how to walk {she has taken 10 to 15 steps: longest yet}. loves to walk us around the house too {she takes us by one finger & leads the way} she loves the back sliding door windows. loves looking at herself in the mirror. loves looking at books {especially eating them} & turning the pages. she loves to be outside. she gives kisses {open mouth kisses}. loves her grandparents {both mine & paul's}. loves aunt shelly's banana bread. loves to watch me do laundry {something about the washer?} still sucks her left thumb {all the time}. still loves signing time. still takes 2 naps & sleeps through the night. she is getting more hair {yea!}. still wakes up with a smile {every time} & is standing up every time i go to get her out. & yes, she still has us wrapped around her finger.
she is perfect.

every once in a while, when she is exhausted, she will fall asleep in my arms while i rock her. i love this moment with my little tiny & i cry every time {happy tears of course}. i realize that she will only be this tiny for a short time.
so while moments like these last, i pretend that my baby will be
my little tiny

03 November 2009

teeny tiny halloweeny

{chloe: skeleton punk rocker}

{miss ellie: butterfly princess}

the lemur belongs to me: nora was a lemur for her first halloween. {& a dang cute one at that} there is a story behind the lemur, but that is for another day. {when i am not trying to catch up on all my posts}. we started our evening at grams & peeps house with our sweet nieces chloe & ellie. their costumes were awesome. next year i will be sure to put nora in a tutu... no matter what she dresses up as.
we went around grams & peeps block to
trick or treat
with the girls. nora loved it.

we went to see my parents at their halloween party. {nora was falling asleep on our way over}. we didn't get any pictures {darn it}. nora was so enthralled with all the costumes, she was starring at everyone in amazement.

my favorite costume this year was mary poppins & bert: the duncans nailed it!

{took this pic from teri's facebook}

{very late}

sutherland farm

off to the pumpkin patch on HALLOWEEN: {better late than never} on saturday mr. mcphee, nora g, & i headed out to sutherland farm to participate in some fall festivities & pumpkin picking. shelly, gavin, mimi, elijah, ethan, & olivia met us out there too {some of my favorite people}. we had such a great time, there is so much to do out there. nora was loving all the attention she was receiving from all her cousins. {she is kindof popular}
i love this time of the year. it is wonderful. & i love spending time with family.
family is

{nora g & aunt shelly}
{me & aunt mimi}



{ethan & gavin}

{nora g & gavin on a barrel ride}

{olivia & her giant pumpkin}

next stop... trick or treat.

one step closer

{my handsome brother Cory: soon to be Elder Eddy}

{my other handsome brother Spencer}

my heart is full: last thursday {october 29} paul & i headed to Albuquerque. down there we met up with my parents, two of my brothers, & my aunt & uncle for a special occasion. cory & i received our endowments. it was such an amazing experience. i am so grateful for the sacred House of the Lord & especially for the love of our Heavenly Father. my testimony has grown tremendously from this experience.

I love to see the temple. I’m going there someday, To feel the Holy Spirit, To listen and to pray. For the temple is a house of God, A place of love and beauty. I’ll prepare myself while I am young; This is my sacred duty.

I love to see the temple. I’ll go inside someday. I’ll cov’nant with my Father; I’ll promise to obey. For the temple is a holy place where we are sealed together. As a child of God, I’ve learned this truth: My family is forever.
{this primary song was stuck in my head for days}
now we are one step closer to getting sealed together as a forever family.
my forever family.