31 August 2009

tutu cute

my tutu cute baby: tara & i got this tutu for nora in hawaii. i love it & i am pretty sure that she loves it too. she likes to grab the fabric and make a scratchy noise with it.

i still have those moments as a mother, when i look at nora & realize that she is mine {you'd think that would go away after almost 7 months} & can't help but have tears of appreciation that i get to be a mom on this earth & in the eternities. {even though i don't love road trips with her ;) } i LOVE my baby.

p.s. we went to denver this weekend for todd and martha cardon's wedding at the Denver Temple... paul got some great shots, so look out for those familia!

22 August 2009

six months

half a year seems like it has gone by too fast: nora is getting so big & doing so many new things {this post is so over due! she will be 7 months in a week}. some of the things that she loves are: bath tubs every night, organic bananas {picky, picky! ONLY organic bananas}, sweet potatos, juice bottles, her crib, sucking her thumb, laying in bed with us in the mornings, playing with my car keys & her toys {or most items that little babies shouldn't play with... popsicle sticks, straws, empty rootbeer bottles, plastic bags, metal forks... the list goes on}, looking at books {& eats them}, sucking on her bottom lip, she still is the jumping queen & most of all is in LOVE with her daddy. 
she really really likes paul {for obvious reasons :) } she squeals in delight when he comes out of his office to take a break from work. i love the way she smiles at him.  

miss nora grayce's 6 month stats look{ed} like this:

weight: 16 lbs 1 ounce {60%}
height: 26 1/2 inches {80%}
head: 17 inches {75%}

p.s. nora has recently started to army crawl... EVERYWHERE! & she is dang good at it. she has also started to sleep through the night! all on her own. i am one LUCKY mom.

10 August 2009

Hawaii = Love, Laughter, Life, & Laziness. :)

Well this has certainly been an interestingly different trip than the first time Katie and I were here, without Miss G. (Note to self. When considering a tropical island vacation....keep in mind....babies can't really "hang out at the beach".) That being said...out highlights have been the subtle blessings of walking along the beach at sunrise. Enjoying fresh seafood. Watching Nora evolve before our eyes as she experiences such a contrastingly unique environment. Feeling the spirit at the Visitors Center at the Temple confirming our destination to be sealed for time and all eternity as a family. This trip has proven our ability to maintain our bond regardless of where we are in this world. We miss everyone back home. Talk to you soon.

Hawaii - Round 2