29 September 2009

28 September 2009


this is what i see every morning: between 7:30 & 8:00 {a.m.} i hear my baby greeting the morning. i drag myself out of bed to find these bright eyes {& only part of a little nose} peering from behind her crib. its the best way to start off my day. {i love her}

We got these pajamas from TARGET: small paul {by Paul Frank} all too true for my blonde & blue eyed beauty

& her newest trick: "the stink bug". {she really likes our tile for some reason}

19 September 2009

3 mcphees

saturdays are for fun, family, & fotos {not for cleaning!}: we headed out this saturday morning to colorful COLORADO {with a cranky baby} to take some photos, eat some food, & swim at the durango aquatic center. the mountains already feel like the start of a new fall season. the leaves are just barely starting to change yellow, the grass is beginning to die, & the cool fresh air tingled our bare skin. we made our way to hesperus ski resort {paul had his heart set on "poppin some shots" at the ski barn} & hiked up the small hill {which was covered in cow patties...ew}.

nora was so curious in this new place, she did not want to sit still for very long. but paul got some awesome shots of us {i love watching him look for the perfect shot}. paul pulled on some poision oak {or ivy...?} & had an irritated hand for the rest of the day {darn it}. we wrapped up our personal photo session, headed into durango {ate lunch @ steamworks} & swam to our hearts content.

i love my little family.

it was a good day.

17 September 2009

on this afternoon {in mid september}

a half nakie baby sits on my table: this little ray of sunshine {on a some-what gloomy day} decided that she was NOT ready for an afternoon snooze. soinstead of getting in the shower as i had planned {& it being past the two o'clock hour} i sat with my baby & enjoyed her yummy smiles. while we sat {& ate banana puffs}... i had to shoot her "miss priss happy-tude". {a little snippet of what i caught}.

above: {eating a banana puff all by her self}

& then she remembered... it was indeed past her nap time.

& this half nakie baby went down for a mid-afternoon nap. {but is welcome back at my table anytime she likes}

11 September 2009

called to serve

CORY got his mission call
: my little brother is going to Paraguay in South America. it was a really cool experience to be there when he opened the call & hear him read where the Lord has called him to serve. i am so excited for him & i know he will be an amazing missionary. paul captured it all on film, as the mystery was revealed {quote unquote}. he reports to the MTC on Nov 18. so for now he is getting hooked up with ROSETTA STONE!

10 September 2009

swing swing

loves to be outside & loves swinging
: my sweet girl was smiling the entire time she was in the swing. i don't know if it was because her daddy was the one pushing her or if it was because both her grandmas were standing in the background smiling at her {too bad i didn't get a shot of them together}. we had so much fun hanging out at the park as a family.

on a side note: nora grayce is 7 months {& 1 week... i am always late posting updates}! she is crawling everywhere {army crawling but super fast}. she has also started to try standing up in her crib {we lowered her mattress today} loves to eat popsicles, REDvines, & drink root beer with her daddy, still loves organic bananas, still sucks her thumb {seems like more than ever lately}, still loves the tub, still wakes up with a smile {morning & afternoon} only takes a bottle, watches signing time everyday {i love this, i really want her to learn sign language}, has 2 teeth {finally!}, loves looking at books, sleeping like a champ {8 to 8}, yells when she wants something, screams when we take something away, & laughs all the time.

we love NORA so much! i cant imagine doing anything else except for raising nora and being an amazing wife { ;) hehe}. i am so grateful Heavenly Father has given me 2 wonderful people to be around everyday.

p.s. some of her nicknames are: miss g, norka, nosy nora, nora G smiles & fartfurgnunion {go this one from the little rascals}

08 September 2009

one year older

& wiser too, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU
: paul's birthday was on saturday, but we weren't able to fully celebrate because he had to shoot a wedding {i was more bumbed out than he was}. we went to a movie on friday, opened a present & shot the wedding reception together on saturday, ate with family on sunday, & ate yummy tres leche on monday. so this year's bday has been celebrated over the last few days.

{i know i say it every time i talk about my hunee but...} i love paul with all my heart. i am so greatful for such a wonderful husband, an amazing father, & the most best friend i could ask for. he is my lobster {for those of you who watched FRIENDS}.