30 July 2010

sick baby

just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down {mary poppins}:
nora g has been a little under the weather
these last couple of days.
which have made the last couple of days... long.
but feeling sick doesn't keep my little tiny from
climbing the table first thing in the morning
playing "patty cake".

she also sees the need to drink her bottle in the tub
when she is tired, cranky
& ready for bed.

she only has two milk bottles a day.
one in the morning & one at night.
i know she is on the brink of eighteen months,
well... i don't have a really good excuse as to why she still
gets two bottles.
but she does & i don't really mind.

in a most delightful way.

27 July 2010

ragga muffins

some women are drippin' with diamonds, some women are drippin' with pearls:

i was planing on posting about my perfect 2 year anniversary {yesterday},
but my little tiny's new found love of
climbing our tall chairs & proceeding to climb onto the table
has inhibited my ability to sit down, focus,
& write things about my wonderful husband.

so instead,
theses little ragga muffins will have to do.
we love having cousins in town
we especially love the backyard
at grams & peeps.

lucky me, lucky me, look at what i am drippin' with... little girls & one jack!

26 July 2010

hapee aniversaree!

love knows no boundaries & passes over borders, thoughts & imagination:

two wonderful years have past.
i am so lucky to be married to my man.
he is everything to me.

i love you hunee.

happee aniversaree hunee!

22 July 2010

country club

a daughter may outgrow your lap:
last week we took a mcphee family outing to scout out the country club
because shutterfreek had a wedding to shoot there.
my mr. mcphee always looks
at those opportunities to photography our growing little tiny.
& for that i am grateful.
its no secret that nora loves
being outside in the summer heat,
& doing whatever she wants.
she would have jumped in the pond by hole 18
if i would have let her.
she was lucky enough to stumble upon a
patch of green that was flooded with water
{so sanitary, i'm sure.}
& what a delight it was,
she ran through it over & over & over again.

{photo overload}

we love our girl.
she is growing up too fast.

but she will never outgrow your heart.

20 July 2010

slow melt minis

breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

this little tiny of mine considers slow melt mini popsicles
a staple in her life.
any time we open the freezer,
she hauls "hinney" over to the kitchen.
& on her way over she is always
excitedly talking jibberish.
her little voices elevates & declines
over & over again
in dialogue i wish i understood.

she loves slow melt mini popsicles!

& she never has just one...
she always has two.

{yes, these photos were taken this morning... before 10 a.m.}

she always has a good breakfast before i cave into
her tantrum to have a slow melt mini.

who doesn't love a good popsicle in the summer anyway?

especially when it taste so yummy.

19 July 2010


your birthday is a special time:

i don't remember exactly what my thoughts were the day morgan was born.
i do remember that she was really small.
i remember looking at her through the lined hospital glass.
i remember my mom coming home from the hospital, but without my baby sister.

i remember calling the hospital with my mom from a pay phone in the parking lot of babies r' us, right after my mom had bought me a cabbage patch baby.
we were calling to see if morgan was strong enough to be released from the hospital.
that particular time, the answer was no. i was devastated.
then july 27th, just eight days after her arrival
{which seemed like an eternity to a seven year old},
morgan grace
came home to be an eddy.

{preview of some of morgan's senior photos done by none other than shutterfreek photography}

i could go on & on about all the many memories i have of my baby sister.
but, maybe i will share those on a different day.
she is one of my most favorite people.
i will always cherish the many nights that we stayed up late playing "genus world record" & that she slept with me faithfully every night of my life growing up.

happy birthday favorite sister.
you are beautiful inside & out.
i love you.

to celebrate the gift of "you" to the world.

16 July 2010

dump trucks & booties

frog, snails & puppy dog tails...:

my mom & sister got our
nameless baby boy a cute outfit
the day we found out he was a he.
cute dump trucks...
are dump trucks cute? i think so.

& this weekend,
{whom i love & has the most beautiful children},
brought these little booties for him.
so cute.

i know i "only" have 137 days left,
but i am getting so excited to meet our boy.

i love looking at all the images
from our ultrasound at
here is his profile.

post script:
boy names are hard!
i can not find a name i like.

thats what boys are made of...
or so i've heard.

15 July 2010


from there to here, & here to there {dr. seuss}:
i find rocks in our mcphee home everywhere.
my little tiny nora g has always had a fascination with rocks
so its no surprise that i find rocks in
her room, her crib, the bathroom,
in the toy closet,
under the couch & the entertainment center,
in eye level cupboards...

i find rocks everywhere
it always make me

on this particular day,
i found these four rocks while tidying up our family room.
each in a different spot.
when i decided to photograph them,
little tiny nora g had to remind me that those rocks belong to her.

this is what my girl looks like post piggies in her hair.
so cute.
love, love, love my little tiny.

funny things are everywhere.

12 July 2010

queen N

this little tiny girl rules the roost:
on any given day,
this is what we do at granma's house.
nora grayce thinks she is the queen.
& maybe she is....
she knows where the yummy treats are in the pantry.
in fact, its the first place she runs to when we arrive.
& she knows just where the treats go when she has suckered
granma, or granpa, or auntie mogen, or uncle sam {& on occasion myself}
into giving her what she wants.
her treats go right to her table.

she always ends up at the piano & in the backyard,
occasionally in the laundry room,
up & down the stairs,
in & out of the pantry,
& most often found digging through her toys
looking for mr. & mrs. 'taetoe' head.

{pounding on the piano}

{helping granma do laundry}

{running outside... pretty sure its her favorite thing to do}

my mom started a joke with mr. & mrs. potato head,
by putting them as her profile picture on facebook.
so we came up with the brilliant idea to take photos of them doing
the things that my parents can be found doing...
my dad tending his garden
{which he prides himself in, especially the corn & the lettuce}
& my mom admiring her gerber daises.

thumbs up for another monday!
here, there, & most everywhere.