07 July 2010

my first skirt

i like making a piece of fabric into something she can wear:

i bought the pattern for this skirt off etsy
& bought the fabric very soon afterwards.
when the fabric arrived i pressed each yard
& then i cut each piece with very precise precision.
& sewed my heart out.


to my dismay,
each ruffle & panel & seam & cut
seemed to be off.
oh well.

i still love this skirt.
i am definetly proud of myself.
& my little tiny looks adorable in it.

i guess nora wasn't up for a mini photo shoot.
it was impossible for her to sit still.
the beauty of a seventeen month old...sa what!?
yes, seventeen sweet months old.

because she is perfect in everything.


Pyatt said...

THAT IS SO CUTE!!!! You could sell those bad boys on ETSY!!!

kristina said...

ADORABLE!! i love it! cant wait to see you guys and squish little tiny!!

Lisa B. said...

oh my gosh cute!