22 July 2010

country club

a daughter may outgrow your lap:
last week we took a mcphee family outing to scout out the country club
because shutterfreek had a wedding to shoot there.
my mr. mcphee always looks
at those opportunities to photography our growing little tiny.
& for that i am grateful.
its no secret that nora loves
being outside in the summer heat,
& doing whatever she wants.
she would have jumped in the pond by hole 18
if i would have let her.
she was lucky enough to stumble upon a
patch of green that was flooded with water
{so sanitary, i'm sure.}
& what a delight it was,
she ran through it over & over & over again.

{photo overload}

we love our girl.
she is growing up too fast.

but she will never outgrow your heart.


Jessie said...

cute pics. sharon told me that she saw you guys there from afar. i guessed right....i said you guys were probably checking out the country club for a photo shoot. :-)

Heather C said...

Photo Overload <-- Never! these are precious. What a gorgeous day for puddle jumping ;)

Melissa said...

Hi Katie! It's Michelle's sister here. I occasionally look at your blog and love all the beautiful pictures you guys take. Nora is so cute it makes me baby hungry! Speaking of which, I saw you had news that my sister hasn't shared. Congrats!

Michelle Blair said...

Aww, she'll always be Tiny to us. We love her!

SZM said...

beautiful photos!