30 July 2010

sick baby

just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down {mary poppins}:
nora g has been a little under the weather
these last couple of days.
which have made the last couple of days... long.
but feeling sick doesn't keep my little tiny from
climbing the table first thing in the morning
playing "patty cake".

she also sees the need to drink her bottle in the tub
when she is tired, cranky
& ready for bed.

she only has two milk bottles a day.
one in the morning & one at night.
i know she is on the brink of eighteen months,
well... i don't have a really good excuse as to why she still
gets two bottles.
but she does & i don't really mind.

in a most delightful way.

1 comment:

kristina said...

ha, I am actually listening to that song as I read your title, just a spoon full of sugar! so sad to hear little tiny is sick!