04 August 2010


all the turtles are free... :

i can't believe that wednesday has already arrived.
monday & tuesday seem like a blurr to me.
although, sunday was a fabulous way to start the week.

we were able to attend the blessing of a sweet baby girl,
eat a yummy lunch in her honor while in the midst great company,
& take a long sunday nap.

in the evening
we ventured up to granma & granpa's
because we heard that the dogs had found
a new friend in the backyard earlier that morning...

meet kevin.

yes, my sister named her new turtle kevin.
just like russell in the pixar film "UP".
except for kevin is a boy... we think.
my dad is also kevin... for reals though.

nora wasn't quite sure what to think of kevin.
she just stared at him.
sometimes she would stick out a finger to maybe touch him,
but always retracted before making contact.

{nora g & uncle sam}

soon after we left my parents home,
"farmpit" was blessed with a flash flood.
i can not remember a time in my life
{in farmington} when the heavens opened up
like they did on sunday night.
mr. mcphee filmed some of the action
before he & my dad had to jump the fence & save our home from flooding.
you can check out the video here.
{don't mind my conversations with my mom in the background... i was kind of freaking out.}

as turtles &, maybe, all creatures should be.

post script:
my little tiny turned 18 months yesterday...
thats right she is officially one & a half years old.
officially old enough to be in nursery...
which makes me officially in denial that my little tiny baby girl is growing up.


Jessie said...

I love Kevin the turtle. I thought I should clarify that I was proclaiming my love for Kevin the turtle and not your dad, because...well, I have only met your pops once and that might be kind of weird to say I love him. :)

I'm so glad you guys were able to come to the blessing and luncheon. We were honored!

Jenny said...

Oh wow that video was a little scary... Kens Brother lives in the mtns by Gallup and they have had crazy flooding all around their house. Their kids even had tubes out the other night going down it. In the video she had on FB it looks just like a river, so crazy.