05 August 2010

three old birds

a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost {Marion C. Garretty}:

my great aunt Grace celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday,
august the fourth two thousand ten.
believe it.
nora & i had the opportunity to go to the beehive home & photograph
the three old birds.
great aunt Grace {age 100}, great aunt Ruthie {age 93},
Marilene my great granny {age 91 in september}.

{aunt Grace the birthday girl & the flowers her sisters brought for her}

{great aunt Ruthie, great aunt Grace, & great granny Marilene}

these three ladies light up each others lives.
their blood runs thick & their love even thicker.

{my little tiny is always a little squeamish of elderly folk...
not sure why...
this was the best photo we could get of all of us.}

my granny kept asking Grace if she could believe that she
was celebrating her 100th birthday,
Grace replied every time... saying, "no, i'm not 100." followed by a noise that
i make when telling nora not to touch something because its "yucky".

heaven help me if i make it to 100 years of age.

having a sister is like
having a best friend
you can't get rid of.
you know whatever you do,
they'll still be there.{Amy Li}


MBlairsLars said...

WOW...we have longevity in our blood...o noooooooooooo!

Kimberly Williams said...

LOL, Yep, Meliisa, we have longevity, especially WOMEN longevity. Not so sure we have BRIANIACK longevity, scary...... Thanks Katy for sharing your pictures of these pioneer women! Love them!! Jealous that you get to be so close to them! :)

kristina said...

thats just awesome! what adorable ladies they are!

Kara said...

I just found your blog from your facebook page!!! I was paruzing when I came across these pictures!!! I was so excited to see pictures of them together. I don't think I have the same gene's that those three amazing ladies have, but I have so much I have gained from them! Hope you are doing well. You have a beautiful family!!!