06 August 2010

mud skipper

the world is mud-alicious {e.e. cummings}:

because the backyard,
{which is more like a back square of bricks}
flooded on sunday night...
everything was covered in dried mud.
so yucky.

mr. mcphee & miss nora grayce
cleaned it all up.
nora loved all the mud.
she is definitely going to be one of those girls
who is not afraid to get messy.
so yucky.

nora is a daddy's girl.
how can she help it with a cute dad
like my mr mcphee.

i love calling him mine.
i love my him.

& puddle-wonderful.


Heather said...

She is the cutest muddy girl I know!

Melissa said...

That made my kids laugh! CUTE!

MBlairsLars said...

Holy Mud....I love it, and I love that mudilicious girl!

kristina said...

I can't believe that happened! I'm a mud lover myself, looks like tiny had a blast!

Markelle said...

can't say I blame her, that looks fantastic!!