12 August 2010

smoothie me

be good to yourself {smoothie king}:

every morning mr. mcphee arrives home from his morning workout
with a smoothie king in hand.
because the owner of smoothie king loves my husband's business,
she continually "hooks him up" with a mini smoothie,
which nora grayce gladly enjoys every morning.

they have the same expression when they sip on their nutritious smoothies
while they both watch whatever show might be on the boob tube.
{on this particular day toy story was on}

& when she has finished off her mini,
she moves right in on mr. mcphee's to polish it off.

drink a smoothie king.


Heather C said...

I read this before my run this morning and absolutely Love these pics :) made me smile! You have two cuties who Really love them some Smoothies!

Unknown said...

Ha ha!! Love that little girl. She has completely stolen every piece of my heart. I don't even mind when she back washes in my drinks!!

Markelle said...

welp I can attest that Paul is in fact addicted, though you haven't called me lately while making a smoothie King run...still haven't tried one but you guys make them sound sooo good!