29 May 2009

rollin over

my munchkin is starting to figure out how to roll over. she starts from her tummy, rolls to her back, & then attempts to go to her tummy again. 
i cant believe how big she is getting, its a bitter sweet thing. she is starting to talk so much, especially when she is tired. & recently she has become a thumb sucker! 
we LOVE our Nora G.

my best-ie and her little guy

nora and i met up with my best-ie, markelle and her little guy jack, for breakfast while she has been here in farmpit. jack is getting so big, i love spending time with these two. i just wish that we lived closer together so we could see each other more often. 

p.s. this little guy has the most handsome eye lashes! & hes a stinker to photograph! 

23 May 2009

bath time with Nora G

Miss Nora G

Nora G has finally been back to her happy goofy self these last couple of days.  They say that teething comes in waves.  I think we've experienced, the first wave.  We got to go see star trek last night while Gramms Avery baby sat.  All went well.  It was nice to finally go on a date again.

21 May 2009

After a long, tiresome day on the rugs...there aint nuthin like comin home to my scortchin hot wife.  I like the amberish hues reflecting from her hair, which compliment the old distressed lumber...coated with a rustic sundance brown with the finely balanced contours...flowing like a river through the frame.  It reminds me of my childhood....frolicking in the lilac grove and prancing with magic pretty ponies over grass filled knolly hillsides.  Those were the days.  

15 May 2009

Miss Grayce

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl! i snapped a couple of these shots yesterday and loved the way they turned out in black&white, with the exception of the last photo (these shoes are too cute and colorful). 
My little peanut is getting so big and her personality is definitely becoming more apparent as the days go by (she can be FEISTY!) Paul succeeded in the first REAL laugh out of her a couple of nights ago. It was so precious (i of course, got happy tears when i heard her). She loves her daddy! 

P.S. i lotion this girl daily but she still gets dry patches on her little forehead... just like her mom.

13 May 2009

Nora G's First Steps

So apparently this is somewhat rare for babies to be taking little guided steps like this.  However, after lengthy discussions we've decided to totally discourage this type of behavior.  We're now 100% back on track with teaching little G how to sit up.  (I think we will skip crawling though.  So impractical in the grand scheme of things.)

11 May 2009

My Skorchin Hot Wife

(Paul speaking:) 

Just to be clear...I happen to find my wife to be a most enjoyable photography subject to work with.  However, on the contrary...she does not like getting her photo taken.  In the slightest.  In fact, if I were a dentist, I'd be making good moneys pulling teeth cuz that's kinda what it's like taking Katie's photo.  Needless to say, she has a look thats, well.....it's quite different than what the photo-journalistic world my term as "exotic".  It's what I like to call... "hypno-exotica", which is a very rare look only found deep within the new mexican desert lands.  

In summary, I just wanted to point out that Katie isn't out....setting up a tri-pod....poppin hot shots of herself for the sheer purpose of "bloggin it".  That's right....it's been me all along. Ha ha ha.  So just for the record.  When we post pix of my "baby #1"... those wonz r from me.  Glad to finally clarify all the confusion.  Thanks.  Cioa

Proud Parents??? Na............

My Beautiful Babies....