11 May 2009

My Skorchin Hot Wife

(Paul speaking:) 

Just to be clear...I happen to find my wife to be a most enjoyable photography subject to work with.  However, on the contrary...she does not like getting her photo taken.  In the slightest.  In fact, if I were a dentist, I'd be making good moneys pulling teeth cuz that's kinda what it's like taking Katie's photo.  Needless to say, she has a look thats, well.....it's quite different than what the photo-journalistic world my term as "exotic".  It's what I like to call... "hypno-exotica", which is a very rare look only found deep within the new mexican desert lands.  

In summary, I just wanted to point out that Katie isn't out....setting up a tri-pod....poppin hot shots of herself for the sheer purpose of "bloggin it".  That's right....it's been me all along. Ha ha ha.  So just for the record.  When we post pix of my "baby #1"... those wonz r from me.  Glad to finally clarify all the confusion.  Thanks.  Cioa

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Its a Small World said...

Sorry Paul I dont believe it!!! I know Katies been taking her own pics all along!! hahah just kidding. Love the pictures and kiss my beautiful niece for me! Tara