30 April 2010

loving my mcphees

pure love produces pure nonsense:

i managed to ONLY post three times in the month of april.
i don't have a good excuse why i only posted three times,
expect for maybe...
my one year old.

lately we have been into
puzzles & reading,
climbing on & off the couch,
running from one end of the couch to the other,
going up & down the stairs,
visiting grandma & grandpa E,
eating zingers & marshmallow matey's,
drinking organic chocolate soymilk,
eating lots of oranges,
coloring & attempting to finger paint,
inspecting every dvd in the cupboard,
saying one word... "backpack" {disclaimer: we
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT watch dora the explorer},
talking jibber-jabber baby talk all day long,
trying to style my little tiny's ultimate mullet
looking at all the animals in petco,
running {literally} around the neighborhood,
getting spring cleaning done
& preparing for our garage sale {on saturday the first of may...tomorrow},
& many other things...

also i've been working on this little one,
yup, baby number 2.

we wanted to keep this baby a secret until mother's day, at least.
we wanted this baby to be a big surprise,
but my mom & sister have been on to me.
& today i cracked.
my secrets out.

expect baby mcphee number 2
around november 19.
we are so excited!

pure nonsense is four mcphees in my home.

22 April 2010


my creative juices needed restoring:

no worries,
we mcphees are alive.

the last two and a half weeks have been busy...
easter egg dying,
easter egg hunting,
fevers, runny noses, allergies,
little sister's prom,
symphony practice
& many photo shoots for

plenty of photos to come.
feels good to be back.

02 April 2010

kitchen nonsense

we better keep an eye on this one:

my little tiny keeps me on my toes.
as of late,
she can easily climb onto the couch {& terrorizes the blinds},
goes straight for the stairs {but only when i forget to put up the gate},
takes off out the garage door if its left open {even just a crack},
many other naughty things.

this drawer usually contains ziploc bags,
aluminum foil,
plastic wrap,
on occasion...
a nora.

{pictures taken with my cell phone}

my little tiny
crazy girl.

she's tricky.

01 April 2010

sunny with a chance of spring

it was one of those march days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:

every sunday {most every sunday},
my little tiny & handsome mr. mcphee
go to granny cardon's house.
{i just so happen to be in primary with 10 four year olds}
from the looks of it they have a grand ol' time.
my little tiny is always on the move.

i feel so blessed to have a wonderful little family of my own.

sometimes i catch myself in awe of nora.
sometimes i still can't believe that she is mine.
sometimes i have an overwhelming love for my husband.
sometimes i still can't believe that he is mine.
sometimes my happiest thoughts are of these two people.
sometimes i love my life all of the time.

but even the wind can't keep her in.

p.s. happy april fool's day.
no pranks here!