22 April 2010


my creative juices needed restoring:

no worries,
we mcphees are alive.

the last two and a half weeks have been busy...
easter egg dying,
easter egg hunting,
fevers, runny noses, allergies,
little sister's prom,
symphony practice
& many photo shoots for

plenty of photos to come.
feels good to be back.


MBlairsLars said...

I'm so glad your back....bring that cutie to my house....I need a hug from her!!! Love you guys.

Markelle said...

I was rather concerned...I need a visit to NM, one where I actually get to see your face!

Markelle said...

btw, I wish the rolls by my knees looked as cute.

Michelle Blair said...

Glad to hear from you again. I miss your posts. Love you!

Cardon Family said...

I love how she sits like that....sooo cute!

Shar said...

How is she even sitting like that?!?

Kristin said...

cutest tummy ever!