25 April 2011

easter bunny

let happy thoughts:

easter morning.
church starts at 9:00 am sharp,
my sweet little tiny doesn't usually rise till around 8 or later.
we had just enough time to take a couple of photos of
nora looking through her new treasures & candy,
be about 25 minutes late to our church meeting.

we were running so far behind
that i forgot to even snap a quick shot of the kids
in their adorable easter outfits.
{its a good thing i am good at reenacting special events.}
it rained most of the day anyway,
so the picture perfect photo i was envisioning wouldn't have worked.
thats why later this
week we will have a
little mcphee easter photo session.

{easter buckets}

{looking through the goods}

multiply like rabbits.

20 April 2011

2 dudes

i am completely in love with these two
{& a certain little girl whom is not pictured here}
"nuff" said.

{more iPhone photos}
love love love

lucky me

some mothers are kissing mothers & some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same,:
these 3 can make me absolutely crazy sometimes,
i would be absolutely miserable without them.

i'm the lucky one.

{yes, another photo from my fabulous iPhone... i really need to bust out the camera.}

& most mothers kiss and scold together.
{Pearl S. Buck}

15 April 2011


a home gets happier by the minute:

i love this boy.
so handsome & so sweet.
& almost five months old.
where does the time go?

{so much to catch up on in the blogging world....
its never ending.}

when theres a precious baby in it.