25 April 2011

easter bunny

let happy thoughts:

easter morning.
church starts at 9:00 am sharp,
my sweet little tiny doesn't usually rise till around 8 or later.
we had just enough time to take a couple of photos of
nora looking through her new treasures & candy,
be about 25 minutes late to our church meeting.

we were running so far behind
that i forgot to even snap a quick shot of the kids
in their adorable easter outfits.
{its a good thing i am good at reenacting special events.}
it rained most of the day anyway,
so the picture perfect photo i was envisioning wouldn't have worked.
thats why later this
week we will have a
little mcphee easter photo session.

{easter buckets}

{looking through the goods}

multiply like rabbits.


Markelle said...

dang, your house has a great Easter bunny. (Jack calls him the rooster bunny) oh and that little ball for Kayl? it will get stuck in your head "roll me!"

Poulsen Family said...

The Easter Bunny was good to your house! I think he should bring Christopher and I a basket too; maybe next year.