29 October 2009

snow baby

{yes, that is drool. she is teething.}

snow in the land of enchantment: we woke up wednesday morning to a thick {& early in the season} blanket of snow. it continued to snow off & on all day {which i loved! i love when it snows}. nora & i ventured out with my mom, brother {uncle cory}, & aunt mimi to divulge in hot cocoa, winter coats {& many, many other goodies....for nora}, & a cute pair of comfy boots {for me}. we had a great time.

later when paul got off work {& the sun decided to show up}, we headed to the park to show nora her "first snow". we love introducing new things to our nora g. & i love watching paul show her. he is such an amazing father & a wonderful husband. i love & appreciate him so much. & i love my baby.

i feel very blessed to have these two people in my life.

my handsome mr. mcphee
& beautiful nora g.

26 October 2009

an amazing message

Lifting Burdens
{click on "lifting burdens"}: one of my daily habbits is checking our church website & usually reading or listening to a talk from the conference archives. tonight i watched this message & was touched. i couldn't help but share.

13 October 2009

first autumn

because i love october & this little nose: this is my favorite time of the year. i love the fall colors, the crisp cold mornings, warm afternoons, & ending the day with a chilly evening. i love bundling up to go on a walk {or to a photo shoot}, or going to my sister's soccer games. there is just something special about this time of the year. autumn is a wonderful season.
this photo, i love:
her perfect little pink nose was telling us it was time to retire to our warm home.

but mostly because i love this little girl.

06 October 2009


today you are you,
that is truer than true.

there is no one alive who is youer than you: Dr. Seuss

i left nora in the family room {sitting up with a book & watching signing time} to grab something. when i got back {only being gone a VERY short time} this is what i found. a half nakie chubby baby, comfy & enthralled in her favorite show with her book in hand.

nora, i am happy you are you.

03 October 2009

eight {months}

making the decision to have a child is momentous:
it is a decision to forever have your heart go walking around outside your body: i am so grateful for the opportunity that i have to be a mom. no one ever told me about the special moments that are accompanied with taking care of your own child {or maybe someone did & i didn't understand because i wasn't a mom yet}. there is nothing i rather be doing than hanging out with my daughter.

Nora Grayce is 8 months old. the last few months have gone by so fast. nora's little personality is really starting to shine. she loves to eat {especially paper & her board books}, likes "lil crunchies" {baby cheetos}, loves signing time {& smiles when she watches it}, loves looking at books, has no problem crawling EVERYWHERE, puts EVERYTHING in her mouth {whatever she finds on the floor or in the grass}, loves walks, hikes, & being outside, she still only has 2 teeth {but it looks like ALL 4 are coming in on the top & two more on the bottom}, takes 2 naps {sleeps like a champ}, notices everything {like if i leave the vacuum out}, stares at people where ever we go, doesn't like to get her face wiped clean {after breakfast, lunch, or dinner}, loves to have her fingers in my mouth & her left thumb in hers {especially when she is tired}, still loves her nightly tub, she is nervous of her uncles {spencer & cory's} RC cars, smiles & laughs ALL the time, arches out of our arms when she wants down & WILL most likely be walking next month {she just has to master standing up & its all over}. she has paul & i figured out & definately holds a BIG chunk of our hearts.

we love our nora so much.

02 October 2009


umm yes... that would be me: my sweet husband is always bringing me home flowers & i love it {LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it}.
he still makes me lunch & dinner everyday {breakfast on the weekends}
brings nora home on sunday {while i teach primary} to put her down for a nap & cleans up

i am so grateful that he is my best friend & that i get to spend all my time with him. i especially love it when he lets me fall asleep close to him {of course always waking up with his back to me}. & that the alarm goes off
3 or 4 times
every morning & before he leaves me in our warm bed flashes me the "i love you" sign & heads downstairs to eat cereal.
i love that most mornings i stumble upon him kneeling in prayer. i am so blessed to have paul for me.

love is a wonderful thing. {& so is being spoiled}