02 October 2009


umm yes... that would be me: my sweet husband is always bringing me home flowers & i love it {LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it}.
he still makes me lunch & dinner everyday {breakfast on the weekends}
brings nora home on sunday {while i teach primary} to put her down for a nap & cleans up

i am so grateful that he is my best friend & that i get to spend all my time with him. i especially love it when he lets me fall asleep close to him {of course always waking up with his back to me}. & that the alarm goes off
3 or 4 times
every morning & before he leaves me in our warm bed flashes me the "i love you" sign & heads downstairs to eat cereal.
i love that most mornings i stumble upon him kneeling in prayer. i am so blessed to have paul for me.

love is a wonderful thing. {& so is being spoiled}


Leah Finch said...


Rachael said...

You guys make such a cute family. We are so grateful that you came into Pauls life and I am glad that he shows you how much he loves you!

julee said...

katie. what a cute family photo & how cute that paul spoils you. we need to chat. fb me!

kristina said...

geez you are spoiled! and I am so happy! I LOVE this photo of your beautiful family!!!

Cardon Family said...

What a cute little family! I am glad Paul spoils you like that....I am sure you deserve every bit of it!!:)