13 October 2009

first autumn

because i love october & this little nose: this is my favorite time of the year. i love the fall colors, the crisp cold mornings, warm afternoons, & ending the day with a chilly evening. i love bundling up to go on a walk {or to a photo shoot}, or going to my sister's soccer games. there is just something special about this time of the year. autumn is a wonderful season.
this photo, i love:
her perfect little pink nose was telling us it was time to retire to our warm home.

but mostly because i love this little girl.


Unknown said...

oh.....Norbert, we love this girl, too!

Unknown said...

Kevin as in Grandpa

Poulsen Family said...

Could you love this time of year because it is also your Birthday? Where do the years go? Hope you have a happy one!

Jessie said...

So darling!

I lover her headband! But I especially love the red nose! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

first of all - she always has THE CUTEST headbands! Love them :)

secondly - *whoa* those eyes, so gorgy!

I can just picture you two sitting in the Stadium watching Morgan tear up the soccer field, wish I was there! :)

aaaand....happy early birthday!!!

k I'm done now. xoxo

MBlairsLars said...

I Do love Fall, but I love that little girl WAY more....she is BEAUTIFUL!

Unknown said...

Katie....we want this picture for a frame for our home!!!! Please
5 x 7!

kristina said...

so sweet! love the eyes, nose and flower, what a beauty! and when is this birthday of yours? I should know this!

Niki Carter said...

Such a sweet picture. Paul, thanks for your sweet note a few weeks ago on my blog. I have been following you guys and you seem VERY happy! It is great to see:)