31 August 2011

ain't that dynamite

bkayl woke up earlier than normal
this morning.
we made our way downstairs
to start our early day.
i started to check emails & browse through
my favorite daily blogs.

i came across this....

i smiled {for the first time this morning}
& danced with my baby.
& then started my wednesday over again.

i watched this video several times,
i tried to pick out a favorite dancer
everyone is money.
i am loving this song

i haven't listened to any of their other stuff, so don't judge me if it is terrible.

27 August 2011

eggies anyone?

i wish i could say i laughed
when my little tiny opened the fridge,
pulled out the newly bought
dropped them.
she broke all but three of the 18.
oh well.

happy weekend!

26 August 2011


friday, friday, friday is my:

its a quiet friday for me.
my mr. mcphee is on his way to lake powell
to photograph a wedding
bring home the bacon.

i really appreciate him.
the beautiful offspring
he helped me create.

my cup runneth over... with love.

favorite day.

25 August 2011


being crazy:

bkayl has been tugging on his ears the last few days.
so i made a dr. appointment to check for an ear infection.
{nora used to get ear infections when she was teething... & bkayl is TEETHING.}

as we were getting ready this morning
i noticed nora had a bumpy rash
all over her legs & arms & along her hairline.

our dr. appointment quickly went from one to both of my babes.

bkayl, of course has NO ear infection.
just pulls on his ears when he is tired...
just like his sister.

as for my sweet nora,
her bumpy rash seems to be
from either a new food {not likely} or
something from being outside,
like a pesticide from the park...
we will see.
she is on liquid zurtec for the next couple of days.

on our way home we stopped at the store to get some medicine,
a family size bag of skittles
{nora's choice}
& a bathtime barbie
with a nice pink tub crayon.

{lovely iphone photos}

i'm almost postive she was completely satisfied with our morning adventure.

isn't enough. {dr. seuss}

24 August 2011

animal friends

little girls have a magic:
i recently found
a horse,
a giraffe,
a chicken,
a whale,
a dolphin,
a sea turtle
in my fridge.

their little tiny owner didn't seem
to mind either.

they have resumed their rightful
spots back in the toy box.

speaking of animals....
i posted about our first
san juan county fair
click here

{or scroll back a couple of posts}

all their own.

19 August 2011

nine monther

you have brains in your head.
you have feet in your shoes:

baby kayl is nine months today.
how this is possible, i don't know.

he has two bottom teeth &
four that are trying to make their debut on the top.

he occasionaly will sleep through the night...
{i dont have the heart to let him cry it out yet.}

he doesn't like baby food,
so his diet consists of whatever we eat.

he is the master crawler
& isn't showing signs of being too interested in walking...
i'll take it!

{this list could go on forever, but i just dont have the time this morning to sit at my computer.}

he is the sweetest boy.
& possibly the most handsome little guy i know.

we love our baby kayl.

you can steer yourself
any direction your choose.

18 August 2011

nora grayce

no one else will ever know the strength of my love for you:

my little tiny is getting big.
i sure do love her.

after all,
you're the only one
{& bkayl of course}
who knows what
my heart sounds like from the inside.

lets talk county fair

isn't it great, that i articulate?
isn't it grand? that you can understand
i don't snort, i don't eep, i don't even squeak or squawk:

mr. mcphee & i set out on a thursday evening
with our two little babes intow
to see the animals & wonderful folks
of the san juan county fair.

i put my germaphobia aside
had a wonderful time with my mcphees.

nora was an aboslute joy.
she was also in absolute heaven.
animals have been her "thing" lately
& the county fair did not dissapoint.

bkayl was the best little guy.
he just bejorned & soaked it all in.

{pre-game photos}

{bkayl had the chills... hence the funny looking hair}

{nora in pure amazment}

$5.00 pony rides.
just what my little tiny would love.
she was super excited while we waited in line.....

her nerves got the best of her
she opted to pass on the pony ride.

so bkayl happily took her place.
he seemed to love it.
{& obviously so did i, i couldn't stop smiling.}
innocence is bliss.

my little tiny not diggin the chickens.
thats my girl.

the three prize turkeys had just gobbled at her
right before this photo.
she about jumped out of her skin.
paul & i laughed.

onto the rabbits...
much more enjoyable than our feathered friends.

my guys admiring all the lights.

we didn't ride any of the carni rides.
nora wasn't too interested.
when she was done looking at the animals she would kindly say,

"bye chickens"
"bye sheep"
"bye pigs"
"bye rabbits"

& that was our que to move on.

the rides worked just the same.
"bye train", "bye slide"...

i'd say that our first mcphee
county fair experience was a success.
until next year.

when i wanna say something,
i open up and talk,
i can talk! {charlotte's web- wilbur the pig}

11 August 2011


i really miss blogging.
but i really love this guy & my offspring,
& they seem to be consuming all of my time lately.