24 August 2011

animal friends

little girls have a magic:
i recently found
a horse,
a giraffe,
a chicken,
a whale,
a dolphin,
a sea turtle
in my fridge.

their little tiny owner didn't seem
to mind either.

they have resumed their rightful
spots back in the toy box.

speaking of animals....
i posted about our first
san juan county fair
click here

{or scroll back a couple of posts}

all their own.


brit said...

i love your blog. i have blog envy. loved your fair post.

Michelle Blair said...

That is too funny. She is just keeping them cool. I found some animals in the food pantry. ha ha

Markelle said...

So funny. Jack is a stasher as well. and baby Kayl is adorable. no I cannot believe he is 9 months or that Miles is 10!. whaaaa?