25 August 2011


being crazy:

bkayl has been tugging on his ears the last few days.
so i made a dr. appointment to check for an ear infection.
{nora used to get ear infections when she was teething... & bkayl is TEETHING.}

as we were getting ready this morning
i noticed nora had a bumpy rash
all over her legs & arms & along her hairline.

our dr. appointment quickly went from one to both of my babes.

bkayl, of course has NO ear infection.
just pulls on his ears when he is tired...
just like his sister.

as for my sweet nora,
her bumpy rash seems to be
from either a new food {not likely} or
something from being outside,
like a pesticide from the park...
we will see.
she is on liquid zurtec for the next couple of days.

on our way home we stopped at the store to get some medicine,
a family size bag of skittles
{nora's choice}
& a bathtime barbie
with a nice pink tub crayon.

{lovely iphone photos}

i'm almost postive she was completely satisfied with our morning adventure.

isn't enough. {dr. seuss}

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Jessie said...


I'm sure she'll clear up soon. Looks like the barbie and skittles made everything okay.