19 August 2011

nine monther

you have brains in your head.
you have feet in your shoes:

baby kayl is nine months today.
how this is possible, i don't know.

he has two bottom teeth &
four that are trying to make their debut on the top.

he occasionaly will sleep through the night...
{i dont have the heart to let him cry it out yet.}

he doesn't like baby food,
so his diet consists of whatever we eat.

he is the master crawler
& isn't showing signs of being too interested in walking...
i'll take it!

{this list could go on forever, but i just dont have the time this morning to sit at my computer.}

he is the sweetest boy.
& possibly the most handsome little guy i know.

we love our baby kayl.

you can steer yourself
any direction your choose.


Michelle Blair said...

He is the cutest little boy. I can't believe how big he is getting. It goes too fast.

Heather said...

He's the cutest little thing ever!
I just read the Places You'll Go to Parker this morning! :0)