18 August 2011

lets talk county fair

isn't it great, that i articulate?
isn't it grand? that you can understand
i don't snort, i don't eep, i don't even squeak or squawk:

mr. mcphee & i set out on a thursday evening
with our two little babes intow
to see the animals & wonderful folks
of the san juan county fair.

i put my germaphobia aside
had a wonderful time with my mcphees.

nora was an aboslute joy.
she was also in absolute heaven.
animals have been her "thing" lately
& the county fair did not dissapoint.

bkayl was the best little guy.
he just bejorned & soaked it all in.

{pre-game photos}

{bkayl had the chills... hence the funny looking hair}

{nora in pure amazment}

$5.00 pony rides.
just what my little tiny would love.
she was super excited while we waited in line.....

her nerves got the best of her
she opted to pass on the pony ride.

so bkayl happily took her place.
he seemed to love it.
{& obviously so did i, i couldn't stop smiling.}
innocence is bliss.

my little tiny not diggin the chickens.
thats my girl.

the three prize turkeys had just gobbled at her
right before this photo.
she about jumped out of her skin.
paul & i laughed.

onto the rabbits...
much more enjoyable than our feathered friends.

my guys admiring all the lights.

we didn't ride any of the carni rides.
nora wasn't too interested.
when she was done looking at the animals she would kindly say,

"bye chickens"
"bye sheep"
"bye pigs"
"bye rabbits"

& that was our que to move on.

the rides worked just the same.
"bye train", "bye slide"...

i'd say that our first mcphee
county fair experience was a success.
until next year.

when i wanna say something,
i open up and talk,
i can talk! {charlotte's web- wilbur the pig}

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Jessie said...

So fun!

Still wishing you guys would of come with us. :(