31 August 2010

last day of august.

summer is where the girls go barefoot:

we took an early {& long} weekend & headed to the beehive state on thursday.
the trip was planned for Miles' blessing.
his blessing was wonderful.
lots of family. lots of love.

of course the weekend was a total whirlwind of a trip.
we got in late thursday night.
had a rough friday with a cranky little tiny.
nora slept off a tummy ache & went to the baby blessing on saturday.

we were going to "cut our losses" & go home on sunday,
my sweet nora reemerged from her crankiness
& we enjoyed one last day in utah.

i feel like we have been so busy lately.
time is seriously flying by &
summer is coming quickly to a close.
although busy... its been a wonderful summer.
i have loved watching my little tiny grow.

i feel an abundance of gratitude for my little mcphee family.

i love my husband.
i love my daughter.
& i love my nameless baby boy.

& their hearts are just as free
as their toes.

20 August 2010


livin la vida loca:

{all compliments of this lovely photo go to photo booth}

we have had a crazy week around here.
lots of nesting, organizing, cleaning,
messes, cleaning, organizing... nesting...

yes! all of those things & lots more.
tomorrow we are having a garage sale.
on North Dustin....
{just look for cool signs if you are interested in finding out where the goods are}.

happy weekend & wish me luck on our garage sale!

& we LOVE our crazy life.

16 August 2010


another cleaning day:

my little tiny & i can be found today
doing laundry, folding laundry, & putting clothes away,
sweeping & mopping the floors,
scrubbing toilets & bathrooms,
vacuuming carpets & rugs
all because it's monday.
& monday means cleaning day.

happy monday & happy cleaning!

13 August 2010

etsy find

buy, sell, & :
sometimes when i am bored,
need an idea for a craft,
find myself in need of some inspiration,
or feel like spending some hard earned mr. mcphee cash...

i go to etsy.
all things handmade.

there are so many amazingly talented sellers.
i love supporting everyday moms with great ideas.
{not that everyone person on etsy is a mom, just sayin}

while on the browse a couple weeks ago,
i found these for my nameless baby boy...

i love em'!
click here to see laundrymonster's etsy shop.
i am really excited to put them to good use in 105 days.
can't believe that we will be a family of four so soon.
i have so much to do before nameless baby boy gets here {huge sigh}.

happy friday!
live handmade{etsy}.

12 August 2010

smoothie me

be good to yourself {smoothie king}:

every morning mr. mcphee arrives home from his morning workout
with a smoothie king in hand.
because the owner of smoothie king loves my husband's business,
she continually "hooks him up" with a mini smoothie,
which nora grayce gladly enjoys every morning.

they have the same expression when they sip on their nutritious smoothies
while they both watch whatever show might be on the boob tube.
{on this particular day toy story was on}

& when she has finished off her mini,
she moves right in on mr. mcphee's to polish it off.

drink a smoothie king.

11 August 2010


a life without love is like :

i feel like my summer mondays & tuesdays
pass by without thought.
i have been so busy,
which i like & enjoy.

& i have plently more to do.
today is no exception.

& if you haven't already,
check out the music video that mr. mcphee
filmed & directed of our nephew colton avery.
featuring my beautiful sister.
click here: Cinderella

a year without summer.

06 August 2010

mud skipper

the world is mud-alicious {e.e. cummings}:

because the backyard,
{which is more like a back square of bricks}
flooded on sunday night...
everything was covered in dried mud.
so yucky.

mr. mcphee & miss nora grayce
cleaned it all up.
nora loved all the mud.
she is definitely going to be one of those girls
who is not afraid to get messy.
so yucky.

nora is a daddy's girl.
how can she help it with a cute dad
like my mr mcphee.

i love calling him mine.
i love my him.

& puddle-wonderful.

05 August 2010

three old birds

a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost {Marion C. Garretty}:

my great aunt Grace celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday,
august the fourth two thousand ten.
believe it.
nora & i had the opportunity to go to the beehive home & photograph
the three old birds.
great aunt Grace {age 100}, great aunt Ruthie {age 93},
Marilene my great granny {age 91 in september}.

{aunt Grace the birthday girl & the flowers her sisters brought for her}

{great aunt Ruthie, great aunt Grace, & great granny Marilene}

these three ladies light up each others lives.
their blood runs thick & their love even thicker.

{my little tiny is always a little squeamish of elderly folk...
not sure why...
this was the best photo we could get of all of us.}

my granny kept asking Grace if she could believe that she
was celebrating her 100th birthday,
Grace replied every time... saying, "no, i'm not 100." followed by a noise that
i make when telling nora not to touch something because its "yucky".

heaven help me if i make it to 100 years of age.

having a sister is like
having a best friend
you can't get rid of.
you know whatever you do,
they'll still be there.{Amy Li}

04 August 2010


all the turtles are free... :

i can't believe that wednesday has already arrived.
monday & tuesday seem like a blurr to me.
although, sunday was a fabulous way to start the week.

we were able to attend the blessing of a sweet baby girl,
eat a yummy lunch in her honor while in the midst great company,
& take a long sunday nap.

in the evening
we ventured up to granma & granpa's
because we heard that the dogs had found
a new friend in the backyard earlier that morning...

meet kevin.

yes, my sister named her new turtle kevin.
just like russell in the pixar film "UP".
except for kevin is a boy... we think.
my dad is also kevin... for reals though.

nora wasn't quite sure what to think of kevin.
she just stared at him.
sometimes she would stick out a finger to maybe touch him,
but always retracted before making contact.

{nora g & uncle sam}

soon after we left my parents home,
"farmpit" was blessed with a flash flood.
i can not remember a time in my life
{in farmington} when the heavens opened up
like they did on sunday night.
mr. mcphee filmed some of the action
before he & my dad had to jump the fence & save our home from flooding.
you can check out the video here.
{don't mind my conversations with my mom in the background... i was kind of freaking out.}

as turtles &, maybe, all creatures should be.

post script:
my little tiny turned 18 months yesterday...
thats right she is officially one & a half years old.
officially old enough to be in nursery...
which makes me officially in denial that my little tiny baby girl is growing up.