13 August 2010

etsy find

buy, sell, & :
sometimes when i am bored,
need an idea for a craft,
find myself in need of some inspiration,
or feel like spending some hard earned mr. mcphee cash...

i go to etsy.
all things handmade.

there are so many amazingly talented sellers.
i love supporting everyday moms with great ideas.
{not that everyone person on etsy is a mom, just sayin}

while on the browse a couple weeks ago,
i found these for my nameless baby boy...

i love em'!
click here to see laundrymonster's etsy shop.
i am really excited to put them to good use in 105 days.
can't believe that we will be a family of four so soon.
i have so much to do before nameless baby boy gets here {huge sigh}.

happy friday!
live handmade{etsy}.

1 comment:

Jessie said...

Love these!

I made some for Sloan and we go through them like hot cakes!

I want to see these in person. Mainly I want to know what kind of fabric she used for the spit up part.