25 February 2011

freaky friday

ah friday.
{which is actually getting posted on saturday}
"this week was the week from H."
as quoted by my loving husband.
i'm not gonna lie, it was.

i am stuck with this horrendous cough.
when people cough in public, i start to freak out.
{mostly in a church setting, coughing people all in one room... sick.}
so now i am freaking myself out.

okay, enough complaining.

on a completely different subject.
i have this photo hanging on my fridge.

makes me smile every time i look at it.

i would be lost without this woman.
she saves me from going to crazytown everyday.

she listens to me complain,
talk crap,
& still loves me.

i love her.
i always tell her she's my best friend.
i know she thinks i am joking,
because we always laugh afterwards,
but its true.
she is one of my best-s.

thanks mom.
your my best friend.

24 February 2011


an apple a day:

all the mcphees are sick
{with the exception of baby kayl, only a little cough}
fevers, low & high.
aches .
late nights & early early mornings.

hoping we start feeling better soon.
i despise sickness.

{taken with my telephono.}

keeps the doctor away.

22 February 2011


attitudes are contagious:
for some reason my tuesdays are always worse than my mondays.
in fact, i rather enjoy mondays.

tuesday shmoozday.

{photo taken in Photo Booth & yes i have no make up on,
& we are all in jammies still. don't judge me}

is yours worth catching?
{because mine is especially terrible on tuesdays}

21 February 2011

daddy shoes & sillybands

our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, :

while attempting to clean up this morning,
{because the house always is in more disarray after sundays}
nora kept me side tracked.

so cleaning up is having to wait till nap time or later.

my little tiny has been into shoes lately.
her shoes,
my shoes,
mr. mcphees's shoes.

this morning while i was putting shoes from the weekend away,
i came back downstairs to find
my little tiny trudging around in her daddy's shoes.

i really do put clothing on my children, daily.
she had just previously gotten into the vaseline
& it was everywhere.
including my comforter.

another one of nora's obsessions lately is jewelry.
she loves to wear necklaces & bracelets.
especially these silly bands.
i love watching her put them on & take them off.
she is turning into such a big girl.

{she really didn't want me taking anymore photos of her, can you tell?}

happy monday!

the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.

19 February 2011

three months

a boy is a magical creature- you can lock him out of your workshop but,:

baby kayl is three months old:
he rarely ever cries.
he smiles ALL the time.
eats like a champ.
still yellowman.
takes only hour long naps during the day.
wakes two to three times a night {ugh}.
sleeps in my bed more than i would like to admit.
has started discovering his voice.
loves his bouncy chair.
has a small bald spot on the back of his head.
takes a pacie
{but only when he wants it}.
wears a size 2 diaper.
is in 3-6 month clothing.
started watching his big sister a lot.
is the sweetest boy.

we love him,
& so does nora.

you can't lock him out of your heart.

18 February 2011


of all the animals:
my morning started out early.
i scheduled baby kayl's dr. appt. for 8:00 a.m.
{we mcphees usually don't rise until 8:30ish}
i am using the alternative shot schedule for baby kayl.
{my children don't tolerate shots very well}

baby kayl is:
weighing in at a whopping 14lbs, 13oz.
{thats the 80 percentile folks!}
measuring in length at 24 inches
{2 feet tall/50 percentile}
& a head circumference of 16 inches.
{25 percentile}

he is my little porker.
a handsome porker.
a healthy happy porker.

he got two shots {on his alternative schedule} today.
i am a firm believer in immunizations,
but i dislike giving them to my happy children.

much to my dismay,
my dr. thinks it is necessary to have
an ultrasound ordered of baby kayl's upper quadrant.
the ultrasound will detect whether he has a clogged duct in his liver,
which could be reason that he is still yellowman.
we are praying that his ultrasound will come out clear.
if a clogged duct is the reason for his lingering jaundice,
then a procedure will need to be performed to unclog it.
we will jump off that cliff if we get to it.

the boy is the most unmanageable.
{unless you have met nora}

17 February 2011

pampers for two

small & white:
my little tiny is not interested in the "potty" yet.
infact, she could care less if she sits in her own,
well poops.
she thinks its funny to "toot toot"
& laughs when anyone in my mcphee home does.

today i finally ordered her toilet trainer.
mind you,
i absoluetly refuse to buy one that sits on the floor
that i would have to dump out & clean everytime.
no, no, no-O.

two babes in diapers...

{she was on her way to kiss him in the first pic,
even though it looks like she is about to hit him.
we are all about the love in this house}

every morning you greet me.

15 February 2011

the yellowman saga

don't be fooled by his tan skin:
most babies have a little jaundice.
most babies get rid of jaundice by simply eating & pooping
within the first weeks of birth.

my baby boy is not most babies.
he hasn't had to spend any time in the hospital under lights,
or under any lights at home.


i have had to take him to get his heel pricked weekly.
{for about 6 weeks, 4 weeks ago. make sense?}
totally sucky.
about a month ago, his levels were down to a 9.
so my dr. said to wait until february 10th to get another heel prick.
i tried to put it off {& sucsessfully did for a couple of days}
before my mom said,
"you need to take baby kayl in to get his heel pricked.
because if something else needs to be done, you need to get it started".

okay, okay.
so i did.
the dr. called today.

baby kayl's bili count is at a 6.
i predicted a 3.
mr mcphee predicted a 7.
so i guess my baby boy is still yellow.

but he's a cute yellow.

we still cant seem to kick this jaundice in the butt.
{thats what mr. mcphee likes to say}

your baby is yellow.

for more information on jaundice
click here.

14 February 2011

lovers day

happy valentines day:

i have a million posts to update...
well maybe not a million. but quite a few.
i haven't even posted kayl's birth.... or any other photos of him.
& not because i don't think he is cute,
because he is so cute.
possibly the most handsome boy i have ever seen.

but to get jump started again,
because i do miss blogging.
here are my little mcphee valentines.

believe it or not my little tiny is still adjusting to being a big sister.
she tolerates baby kayl.
he can sit next to her,
no touching her.
sometimes she looks at him like he is a little disease.

i know in time this will all change & they will be best friends.
oh the joys of having a sibling.

{you can look but don't you touch}

however, she does give baby kayl kisses.
& for now that works for me.

my little tiny & i made some valentines for those we love yesterday.
{mr. mcphee, granma & granpa, & gram & peeps,
only because 3 cards was my limit}
after we were done using all the jeweled stickers,
nora proceeded to take them off.

here is the card that we whipped up for my mr. mcphee.
he is such a wonderful valentine.
i love him.

LOVE these valentines of mine.

catching up will come in time,
which means by thursday.
{fingers crossed}
because i am teaching a little "class" on how to blog.
very interesting,
seeing as how i haven't been the best blogger as of late.
{& i will be sure to notify when i have posted further back in my blog}
hang in there fellow family readers & lookers,
i'm getting my groove back.

01 February 2011

an ode to love

what matters most:

february is a lovely month.

i have come to love it more in the last couple of years.
because i will forever have a very handsome & perfect valentine.
& i have been blessed with two little babes
that know nothing else except to love me, for now.

i love this message from President Thomas S. Monson.

& i love this little february girl.
she is turning 2 so very soon!

my little tiny is growing up.

is family.