21 February 2011

daddy shoes & sillybands

our daughters are the most precious of our treasures, :

while attempting to clean up this morning,
{because the house always is in more disarray after sundays}
nora kept me side tracked.

so cleaning up is having to wait till nap time or later.

my little tiny has been into shoes lately.
her shoes,
my shoes,
mr. mcphees's shoes.

this morning while i was putting shoes from the weekend away,
i came back downstairs to find
my little tiny trudging around in her daddy's shoes.

i really do put clothing on my children, daily.
she had just previously gotten into the vaseline
& it was everywhere.
including my comforter.

another one of nora's obsessions lately is jewelry.
she loves to wear necklaces & bracelets.
especially these silly bands.
i love watching her put them on & take them off.
she is turning into such a big girl.

{she really didn't want me taking anymore photos of her, can you tell?}

happy monday!

the dearest possessions of our homes and the objects of our most watchful love.


The Morrisseys said...

Oh the vaseline...been there! Same place, all over james, his clothes, my clothes, and my comforter. Thank goodness it comes out :)

Unknown said...

Is that a 50th Anniversary Edition of Are You My Mother I spy on the floor? Hope you guys are reading it.

Anonymous said...

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