22 February 2011


attitudes are contagious:
for some reason my tuesdays are always worse than my mondays.
in fact, i rather enjoy mondays.

tuesday shmoozday.

{photo taken in Photo Booth & yes i have no make up on,
& we are all in jammies still. don't judge me}

is yours worth catching?
{because mine is especially terrible on tuesdays}


Poulsen Family said...

Ha ha! Needed this post today.

Mondays used to be my cleaning, laundry, get my house back together day but then I began dreading Mondays. So I changed my cleaning, etc. to Tuesdays and it has made a big difference! Plus, do to not having tv, I watch the latest episode of the Bachelor on my lap top while I fold laundry and Max naps. Though, I do need mention, I rarely get out of jammies on Tuesdays.

Niki Carter said...

Claire has those PJ'S!! I would judge you but that is what I look like almost every day until after noon.

morgan eddy said...

kayls head looks bigger than yours katie. daaaaaang son.

morgan eddy said...

still a cute little family though :)