18 February 2011


of all the animals:
my morning started out early.
i scheduled baby kayl's dr. appt. for 8:00 a.m.
{we mcphees usually don't rise until 8:30ish}
i am using the alternative shot schedule for baby kayl.
{my children don't tolerate shots very well}

baby kayl is:
weighing in at a whopping 14lbs, 13oz.
{thats the 80 percentile folks!}
measuring in length at 24 inches
{2 feet tall/50 percentile}
& a head circumference of 16 inches.
{25 percentile}

he is my little porker.
a handsome porker.
a healthy happy porker.

he got two shots {on his alternative schedule} today.
i am a firm believer in immunizations,
but i dislike giving them to my happy children.

much to my dismay,
my dr. thinks it is necessary to have
an ultrasound ordered of baby kayl's upper quadrant.
the ultrasound will detect whether he has a clogged duct in his liver,
which could be reason that he is still yellowman.
we are praying that his ultrasound will come out clear.
if a clogged duct is the reason for his lingering jaundice,
then a procedure will need to be performed to unclog it.
we will jump off that cliff if we get to it.

the boy is the most unmanageable.
{unless you have met nora}


Markelle said...

he is a stinkin doll! and the blanket he is laying on, well I want it!

Poulsen Family said...

I love your quotes you begin/end with!
I sure hope no procedures are needed for baby Kayl. Baby and hospital should not be in the same sentence expect for when giving birth, though my little guy doesn't fit this rule.

So happy to see you on the blogging bandwagon again. I've missed you!

Michelle Blair said...

He is so cute. I'm glad Nora is giving him some love