23 March 2011


love is a many splendid thing:

it seems as though i have fallen behind again.
i have quite a few posts up my sleeve,
mostly about my mini mcphees.
{those will be posted in the next few days.}

feast your eyes upon this guy
& be jealous.
this hott-te is mine.

all you need is love,
love is all you need.

15 March 2011


around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.
we keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...:

to say that my little tiny is fearless is an

for instance,
today we were at my parent's house.
nora runs like crazy around there.
she know all the in's & out's.

her latest ventures are in the backyard.
my parent's backyard has a couple of retaining walls.
nora likes to throw rocks & dirt from the top.

i was sitting on the couch feeding baby kayl.
my mom had her eye on my little tiny through the window
& i would occasionally see her run by.

nora went to the top of the retaining wall
threw some dirt & rocks.
yelled something at the dogs in her language
got a certain look on her face.

my mom & i looked at each other....
"do you think she is going to jump?"

just as quick as the words left my mouth,
my little tiny leapt from the wall...
{its about a 3 foot jump}
we were shocked.

she was completely fine
{once i knew she was okay, i laughed so hard i cried}

in fact,
i would go so far to say that she throughly enjoyed herself.
my fearless little tiny.

& curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
{-walt disney}

12 March 2011


"God heals:
we managed to make it to the dr. twice this week.
my little tiny had sad eyes yesterday,
that progressively got worse.
she woke up this morning with lots of boogs in her eyes.

my dr office is only open on saturdays from 9 to 11:30
& its a "walk-in" day.

nora has conjunctivitis
& a mild ear infection.

cheers to antibiotics & my wild little tiny.

{taken with my iPhone}

& the doctor takes the fees".
{-benjamin franklin}

10 March 2011

sprinkler time

i watched this little ditty yesterday.
made my heart ache for a once "little-er" little tiny.
not sure why i never posted it.
regardless, here it is.

try not to cry,
because i already have today.

my little tiny is a unique soul in which Heavenly Father thought we would be perfect for each other.
we are.

not to mention, i am grateful for my husband.
he always catches the simple moments in life
that make me smile.


laugh as much as you breathe:

well well well,
the last couple of weeks have been challenging for me.
i don't get sick that often.
& when i do, it only lasts for a day or two.
this stuff is lingering.
i finally made it to see my family dr. on monday.
mostly i wanted him to check out my baby kayl.
{he has started coughing & been really stuffy}
of course he is perfectly fine,
including that liver of his.
{but thats a different post}

i got on the table
& it didn't take but two quick listens.
you have bronchitis.
since i am a nursing mother,
amoxicillin is it.

i must say,
bronchitis is nasty.
coughing up stuff.

besides that,
life is great.

my mini mcphees are healthy & happy.
what more could a mom ask for?

{photos taken with my iPhone, because my camera was out of town,
which is another story to be blogged about}

& love as long as you live.