10 March 2011

sprinkler time

i watched this little ditty yesterday.
made my heart ache for a once "little-er" little tiny.
not sure why i never posted it.
regardless, here it is.

try not to cry,
because i already have today.

my little tiny is a unique soul in which Heavenly Father thought we would be perfect for each other.
we are.

not to mention, i am grateful for my husband.
he always catches the simple moments in life
that make me smile.


Unknown said...

I love how all you hear are the sprinklers...she is so cute. I can't watch any of our home videos of Jack without crying. Brent just laughs at me.

Markelle said...

ah crap, thats me up there.

Alicia said...

Willow Creek??? C'mon, Markelle. :)

This is magical. Really. I love it.

Ruth said...

That was said so beautifully, thank you! I am going to hug all of my little tiny ones today and not wish they were big!

kristina said...

Love that! how can you even stand it?, she is so sweet!
doesn't it suck to know that they grow up?!