10 March 2011


laugh as much as you breathe:

well well well,
the last couple of weeks have been challenging for me.
i don't get sick that often.
& when i do, it only lasts for a day or two.
this stuff is lingering.
i finally made it to see my family dr. on monday.
mostly i wanted him to check out my baby kayl.
{he has started coughing & been really stuffy}
of course he is perfectly fine,
including that liver of his.
{but thats a different post}

i got on the table
& it didn't take but two quick listens.
you have bronchitis.
since i am a nursing mother,
amoxicillin is it.

i must say,
bronchitis is nasty.
coughing up stuff.

besides that,
life is great.

my mini mcphees are healthy & happy.
what more could a mom ask for?

{photos taken with my iPhone, because my camera was out of town,
which is another story to be blogged about}

& love as long as you live.

1 comment:

Jessica Cockrell-Finch said...

I feel for you! I have the same thing and I am pregnant!!! No fun when you are having to sacrifice for the little ones you feed!!! Hope you feel better!!! The antibiotics worked for me!