31 March 2009

This guy has cancer???

I speak for everyone when I say....you look awesome Grandpa Blair!

Nora and Jane's blessing day

What a special day this was, to have such a significant group of people gathered for the blessing of Jane and Nora.  The love of my life has done such an amazing job as a mother.  I'm constantly reminded how fortunate I am...to be the male species in this companionship.  If I was lactating I'd be freakin out.  Anyway, hopefully over the next few days we'll be posting some of the picks for this event.  I think it's awesome how my nieces are beginning to be willing subjects behind the camera.  I really appreciate the practice...and they're needless to say....amazingly beautiful.

8 weeks

our sweet nora is 8 weeks old today. she has outgrown the newborn look with a little weight gain...when paul and i first brought her home she was so tiny. i never thought that i could have a small baby. her personality is starting to really come out. i am finally able to recognize a few different cries that she has...even though she doesn't cry that often. shes starting to discover her voice. she has beautiful blue eyes. her eyebrows and eyelashes are starting to come in a bit darker, not so much blonde anymore. she smiles a lot. she has slept for 5 hours at night on two occasions.
she loves the bath. i think she is the most beautiful baby i have ever seen and i love her to pieces!

the super cute elephant outfit are compliments of Aunt Cho & Baby Jane. and the turquoise bracelet is from Aunt Leah, Chloe, and Ellie. THANKS for making Nora so dang cute!

26 March 2009


the studio shoot that we did about a month ago proved some really great photos. these are a few that i love, that never got posted. the one of paul and nora melts my heart. these two are the loves and lights of my life.

nora grayce mcpherson-4 weeks old

18 March 2009

Big Daddy

As always, it was a pleasure to be graced by Dad, Mark, Pa-Paw's presence this last weekend.  We're grateful that you took time to come see us and we love you.    

10 March 2009

04 March 2009

Paul's First Studio Shoot

Well...needless to say this, our first studio experience was...well...catastrophically exciting. Which,at the end of the day is what most "memorable" experiences are made of. Nora was not pleased, at all. She took a full on pee over mommie's belly. Poop sprayed in a blanky. And we're pretty sure has a phobia of being naked in public. (she got that from her daddy.) It was a good learning experience. We're going back tomorrow for round 2 titled: "Operation Sleep Mode"

01 March 2009

Pat & Melissa Blair Family Shoot

We went out yesterday afternoon to various locations to photograph the beautiful Blair family. We were both amazed how photogenic there kids were. We had a blast. At one of the locations Ryan had made his way into their car and was repeatedly honking the horn. At a nearby hotel, a roomful of burly mean mexicans were yelling at us to shut up. Pat was ready to square up with all of them. Needless to say, we encouraged him to back down and leave. Glad Pat is on our side though. Thanks for letting us shoot you guys!

the kiddos