25 April 2009

Fun Time with the Eddy Clan

What a pleasure it is to be able to shoot photos of such photogenic people.   Though we were very reluctant to make the 10 hour trip with little miss nora G, we're so grateful we did.  It was awesome to see everyone and for some reason we really enjoyed Idaho...?  Compliments to www.jasonwestphotography.com for an exceptional shoot.  It's always nice to shoot around a pro.  Anyways, the movie:  Nora G's First Road Trip should be released soon so stay tuned!!!!

Welcome to Idaho Falls...Eddy Country

blak and whyts

20 April 2009

Bath Time With Nora G

Aw.....the moment we look forward to.  No matter what the mood, there aint nuthin like a bath to calm this little tigress.  U rock Nora G!

16 April 2009

Nora's Blessing Dress

These photos of Nora in her blessing dress are a few weeks over due. My mom (Grandma Eddy) made Nora's dress, she put a lot of time into it (there are little roses on the flowers & cross stitched her name) which I really appreciate. I think it was beautiful. I SHOULD learn how to sew. To reiterate the original post of her blessing day, it was amazing to watch and listen to my husband give her a name and her blessing. It was such a special day with both our families there. 

the last couple of photos are my favorite, i just love her little hands and feet 

08 April 2009

Cory's Senior Photo Shoot for Hollister

What a joy it was working with a true professional model like Cory Eddy.  He has that flavor, flash, and style that every photographer looks for.  Notice the chizzled features, stunningly white teeth, and dark flowing hair.  But you're gonna have to wait ladies.....cuz this guys goin on a Mission.  Right on!

06 April 2009

snap shot

on saturday paul, nora and i went on a little outing (which is few and far between that the 3 of us make a public appearance) but nora looked way too cute in this headband to not snap a quick shot of her. she is such a happy baby. how lucky could a mom get? 

just a side note, the day before we had nora's 2 month doc appt. 
Nora now..
weights: 9 lbs. 9 ounces
length: 22 inches
which puts our little peanut in the 40% of her age group

01 April 2009

Photographic Subjects: Nieces take 1

Photography Subjects: Amazing Nieces

There was a time when these little ones couldn't stand to be in front of the camera.  It's such a privilege now to be able to say, "Wanna shoot some photos?", and they say, "Sure."  Thanks for the practice ladies.  I love ya.