31 March 2010

a little family love

the birthday party looked a little something like this...:

{ aunt mimi, the birthday girl}

{banana creme pudding... at my request... even though it isn't my birthday.
thanks grandma}

{my beautiful sister}

{my little tiny}

& what is a party if it doesn't include NERF gun wars?

its always a little nutty when the whole family gets together.
but we still get together.
there is a lot of love shared here.
& our love isn't going anywhere.

this party was actually
a collaboration of many family
member's birthdays in the last weeks of march.
so, happy birthday all march family members.

till the next birthday bash...
or next family gathering.

30 March 2010

on the mend

sometimes in our life we all have pain
we all have sorrow
but if we are wise...:

dear march thirtieth,

yesterday was hard.
but today is even harder.
march thirtieth... how do i mend my heart?
i've tried to do so in several different ways.

not thinking.

maybe its just time. time is what i need. more time.
march thirtieth, you are going to be a good one.
tonight we {you, me, & some family}
are going to celebrate two of my favorite twin aunt's birthdays.
one of whom lives in farmpit & the other in heaven.

tonight we are going to be on the mend.
enjoying more time.

march thirtieth, this next year will give me more time.
time to grow.
time to learn.
time to laugh.
time to think.
time to mend.

loves & kisses,
mrs. mcphee

{ the twins... 40 years ago}

{sammy & mimi}

{must have been their birthday.
by the amount of fingers held up,
mimi thought it was their 10th
& sammy thought it was their 9th.
i bet samantha was right.}

we know that there
is always tomorrow.

26 March 2010

park day

today was good.
today was fun. {dr. seuss}:

{photo over load}

park day.
we spent the majority of {last} saturday at the park.
well... two parks & a track meet.
it was wonderful.
we mcphees love being outside.

happy weekend.

tomorrow is another one.

22 March 2010


with my sunners on:
ah, monday again.
too much to do, no time to blog.
but enough time to enjoy her.

this weekend was great.
loads of family time.
just how i like it.

happy {spring break} monday!

17 March 2010


happy saint patty's day:

a few things green around my house...

the only celebration of St. P. Day
we had was eating
lucky charms
for breakfast.
& my little tiny

maybe when nora is a little older St. P. day will be tad bit more exciting.
maybe leprechauns will come to play tricks on us.
like green scrambled eggs
or green milky,
or... green oreos {yumma}.

pinchy pinch.

16 March 2010

a singing note

mr. blue sky, please tell us why,
you had to hide away
for so long where did we go wrong...

dear spring,
it is time to awaken the trees with their blossoms.
sing e.l.o.'s greatest hit Mr. Blue Sky... really loud.


mrs. mcphee

hey there mr. blue
we're so pleased to be with you
look around see what you do,
everybody smiles at you.

15 March 2010


monday is...:

my little tiny & i can't stay out of the Teddy Grahams chocolate flavor {yumma!}.
every time i go in for a stealthy sneak,
she {some how} hears the box
she is always watching me
out of the corner of her little blue eyes.
no fair.

post script...
this weekend was wonderful.
we spent most of saturday outside in the sunshine.
{photos to come}

a happy day.

11 March 2010

a little bit me

i like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, its a way of looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope {dr. seuss}:

yesterday the ups man
ding dong ditched
but left a surprise.
a surprise that i bought myself.
a nice little surprise that will take 5 years to complete,
but {hopeful thinking} will be kept & reread for lifetimes.

with luck this will be a one~line book
of the nonsense,
a little fantasy,
& the wrong end of the telescope"ing"
happenings of me,
mrs. mcphee.

which is what i do,
& that enables me to laugh at life's realities.

09 March 2010

track & field and a conversation poem

uncle samuel had a track meet & aunt morgan wrote a poem:
nora is so lucky to have sam & morgie.
these 2 are the only 2 left at home.
i managed to make it to see
sam jump the triple jump for his first track meet.
he did awesome.
i love this littlest brother of mine.
go heights knights!
& morgie wrote this conversation poem about my little tiny.
Aunt to Niece
I think you are the cutest little thing,
but you are kind of annoying when you scream
I love to hold you and feed you bottles
but you can't sit still and you mumble
I spoil you rotten by giving you toys and clothes
A little snuggle would be enough
Your smile and giggle melts my heart
But you always seem to cry when your mom
leaves the room
You are not the type to come sit in my lap
You are not the type to fall asleep in my arms
You are always on the move
What can I do for you?
I love you with all my heart.
Niece to Aunt
You are my favorite aunt
But I mumble because I can only say
Da Da and Ma Ma
Of course I am on the move
I just learned how to use these things
called legs and feet
I cry when my mom leaves because I
am scared
I know how to make you give me anything
I want
All I have to do is laugh and smile
Those times that I snuggle
are my thank yous and I love yous
But you have been here years
And I am only a couple of months
I want to explore.
love this brother & sister of mine.

08 March 2010

cleaning day

our house in the middle of our street... :
monday is my cleaning day.
sweeping & mopping.
laundry washed & put away.
i have every intention of cleaning all the bathrooms
{today only 2 were successfully cleaned}
dusting... everything.

typical cleaning day chores.

i remember way back then when everything was true and when
we would have such a very good time such a fine time
such a happy time
& i remember how we'd play simply waste the day away
then we'd say nothing would come between us two dreamers:

lately i have had a little tiny helper.
anytime the vacuum comes out,
she gets tickled with excitement.
insists on helping me.

she helps by repeatedly putting her hand over the opening of the hose.
over & over & over again.
so cute.


when i clean house,
the song "our house" by madness
is on repeat in my mind.
over & over & over again.
{this song reminds me of my childhood for some reason.
not sure why, but it does}
i decided it was time to add this classic to my itunes collection.
so i bought it today for .99 cents.
{thank you itunes store}

nora & i jammed,
& cleaned.

happy monday.

our house, is our castle and our keep
our house, in the middle of our street.