15 March 2010


monday is...:

my little tiny & i can't stay out of the Teddy Grahams chocolate flavor {yumma!}.
every time i go in for a stealthy sneak,
she {some how} hears the box
she is always watching me
out of the corner of her little blue eyes.
no fair.

post script...
this weekend was wonderful.
we spent most of saturday outside in the sunshine.
{photos to come}

a happy day.


MBlairsLars said...

Tell her she has to share with Aunt Mimi!!! Love her cute pictures.

Jessie said...

Send her on over to my house! I will give her all the cinnamon and sugar graham crackers she wants! SHE LOVED THOSE!!! But I bet those chocolate ones are even better!!

ps. Can I have her bow??? :-)

Michelle Blair said...

Tiny is so cute. She can come eat with me anytime.