09 March 2010

track & field and a conversation poem

uncle samuel had a track meet & aunt morgan wrote a poem:
nora is so lucky to have sam & morgie.
these 2 are the only 2 left at home.
i managed to make it to see
sam jump the triple jump for his first track meet.
he did awesome.
i love this littlest brother of mine.
go heights knights!
& morgie wrote this conversation poem about my little tiny.
Aunt to Niece
I think you are the cutest little thing,
but you are kind of annoying when you scream
I love to hold you and feed you bottles
but you can't sit still and you mumble
I spoil you rotten by giving you toys and clothes
A little snuggle would be enough
Your smile and giggle melts my heart
But you always seem to cry when your mom
leaves the room
You are not the type to come sit in my lap
You are not the type to fall asleep in my arms
You are always on the move
What can I do for you?
I love you with all my heart.
Niece to Aunt
You are my favorite aunt
But I mumble because I can only say
Da Da and Ma Ma
Of course I am on the move
I just learned how to use these things
called legs and feet
I cry when my mom leaves because I
am scared
I know how to make you give me anything
I want
All I have to do is laugh and smile
Those times that I snuggle
are my thank yous and I love yous
But you have been here years
And I am only a couple of months
I want to explore.
love this brother & sister of mine.


Markelle said...

you are such a sweet big sister...love the poem.

you are up early, did a certain someone wake up early this morning like my certain someone?

Michelle Blair said...

How cute. You are a great big sis!

MBlairsLars said...

You have the best brothers and sister! And I am lucky to your Aunt!!! Great pics Kate.

Jessie said...

Super cute poem!

Unknown said...

wow fills my eyes with tears to see my sis and my sobrina together. Dang i miss these pretty girls.

Leah Finch said...

So cute!!! Morgan and Sam are the best!

Leah Finch said...

So cute!!! Morgan and Sam are the best!